Newborn Sleep Tips with Sleep Happy + Bobbie’s Newborn Schedule


Hello Mada Followers!  I’m Jessica, a pediatric sleep coach, confidence builder and child development enthusiast over at Sleep Happy Consulting. My purpose is to build confidence in sleep-deprived mothers and equip them with the tools to create confident healthy sleepers for life.  I have been working with Mada since Temple was 6 weeks old.  Mada …


Project Big Girl Bed


Temple is officially in a “big girl” bed! When did my baby grow up?!? It’s important to remember, there is definitely no one-size-fits-all strategy for this transition. Like almost anything related to our babies and their milestones, you have to trust your mama instincts, because you ultimately know them the very best! However, there are …


Q & A Video With My Sleep Coach


Sleep is hard to come by for new mamas! When Temple was about six weeks old, I called up Jessica at Sleep Happy, and it was the best decision this tired mama could have made! We set Temple up for successful sleep and scheduling early on. Jessica will soon be your best friend with all …


Temple 7-Month Sleep + Eating Schedule Update


  I haven’t done a “Temple Update” since she was just 4 months old, which feels like yesterday! How is my baby already a 7-month-old?! It’s gone by so fast and so slow all at the same time – I’m sure you mamas can relate! This month, I thought I’d share all of Temple’s favorite …