Celery Juice Review


There is always some big health trend everyone is talking about. It’s hard to know what actually works, and if it’s worth adding to your daily routine. That’s where I come in!! Just think of me as your #HumanGuineaPig, haha. Each month (or so) I am going to try a new popular health trend and …


My Pregnancy Supplements & Healthy Tips


So many of you wonderful ladies have asked me what I did to prepare for pregnancy. But, the question I get the most on this particular topic is about the supplements I took prior to and throughout my pregnancy. I should start by stating the obvious – I am NOT a doctor and don’t recommend …


Bulletproof Matcha Latte


A Matcha Latte is not your average coffee or espresso drink – in fact, it doesn’t contain any coffee at all.  Matcha gives you energy, but not that instant, sometimes jittery feeling that coffee can give us.  Instead, it’s a more sustained sense of energy throughout the day. Matcha also has loads of nutritional benefits that …