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At-Home Workout Essentials

I started a new Workout Wednesday Instagram LIVE series today. Every Wednesday we will complete a workout together to start our day! I’ve always loved fitness and used to be a pilates instructor and worked at a TRX focused gym so training again via videos is so much fun!!! I had my second daughter eight weeks ago, and I’m trying to get back in shape so this is perfect timing to hold myself accountable. It will be fun to motivate one another and share workouts, progress, healthy recipes, and more! After my first LIVE today, I had a few questions about equipment and supplements, so now you can reference this post for all my fitness must-haves.

I’m doing the majority of my workouts at home with COVID quarantine, and I’m pumped about sharing more fitness content. Below is a roundup of equipment I recommend for workouts at-home and other fitness products and supplements I love!!


  • Thorne Amino Complex– helps provide energy/lean muscle mass. I take mine as a pre-workout, but you could have this any time of day mixed with water for an energy boost! Thorne brand is one of the best and only uses the purest ingredients. My naturopath recommended this one for me, and it is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe *always check with your doctor though*
  • Vive Keto Aminos– Similiar to the Thorne Amino Complex so you wouldn’t need both. My trainer, the owner of Vive, only offers the best of the best supplements. Keto Aminos is a high-quality pre-workout with BCAAs that I typically sip on throughout my workout. You could have it before, during, or after. These aminos help with quick energy and muscle recovery. “Keto Amino+ contains a precise blend of amino acids, L-citrulline, and BHB salts to power energy & mental acuity throughout the day.” This is even great to have on days you aren’t working out but need that boost in energy and focus.
  • Advocare Spark– okay, I don’t use this daily before a workout because I typically use one of the two above, but if you are someone who needs that energy boost, then Spark is for you. I’ve used this since my freshman year in college, and it gives you a significant boost and mental focus. It’s not 100% clean in ingredients, but overall it’s pretty good. It tastes so freaking yummy, too. Caleb has tried the pre-workouts I linked above and didn’t have a problem with them, but he always comes back to Spark. Nothing beats the boost it gives yo before an early morning workout. All the flavors are great, but my favorites are fruit punch and pink lemonade.

Protein Powders

Truthfully, I don’t use protein powders often. I don’t make a ton of homemade smoothies, but when I do, these are the ones I recommend. I do sometimes add protein to muffins, etc. to get a little extra nutrition in our diet.

Workout Equipment

  • Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells– these have been hard to find in stock during quarantine, but we’ve had ours for years. It’s great because you just click it to the weight you want so that you aren’t stuck with a bunch of dumbbell sets in your home. It goes from 5-52 lbs!
  • Yoga Mat– I have this super fun yoga mat, but my exact print is sold out. I did link the site where you can see their other fun designs!
  • TRX Band– TRX may not be your thing, but I freaking love it! A TRX band offers tons of exercises utilizing all your body parts. I cannot recommend investing in one of these bad boys! Plus, I will be sharing a lot of TRX workouts on my Instagram because I used to be a certified TRX instructor!
  • Exercise Bands– I feel like these little bands can give you that extra bit of burn!! I don’t have this exact brand, but I like that these come in a set with different resistance.
  • Resistance Band Cords– my trainer has us use these often in workouts, and I always feel the burn. I just ordered one in light, medium, and heavy.
  • Med Ball– a medicine ball can take exercises to another level. i think an 8 to 10 lb one is all you need.

Fitness Accessories

  • Apple Watch– I’ve had my apple watch for years and still love it so so much. It’s great to put in your workouts to see how many calories you burn, track time and distance on runs, etc. My favorite function is that I don’t have to have my phone on me physically, and I can still get calls and text alerts. I have one of the first generations of the Apple Watch, but it still works great. I have the 40mm with gold.
  • Oura Ring– mine came in the mail yesterday, and I am so excited to share more about this with you all. It gives you insights on your sleep, tracks your daily activity, and much more. Check out their site to see why Caleb and I are so excited about our rings. My favorite part is that in limits EMFs- if that is also important to you, then you can read their info on that here.
  • Hydroflask– I pretty much always use this 40 oz. Water bottle for workout. Something about the straw helps me drink way more water.
  • Hydromate Gallon Water Holder– this helps me drink so much water! I just fill it up each morning and finish the whole thing by the end of the day.
  • Epsom Salt– a must for sore muscles. I add two cups to my bath at night when I’m sore.
  • On Sneakers– my absolute favorite workout shoes. I have this style and this style and love them both equally.
  • Airpods okay, I was making fun of Caleb for a few months when he would wear them until I tried them on a run…I get what all the hype is about now, they are amazing!
  • Bluetooth Speaker– we have this and use it a ton for workouts, travel, etc.
  • Run With Hal App– I’m getting back into running and love this training app. I used this before my half marathon a few years back!  If you aren’t into a training program, then the app “Map My Run” works well just to track your runs.
  • Waist Dog Leash– we use this for walks and runs with our dog.

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