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What’s In My Diaper Bag?

What you put in your diaper bag is so important. It’s no fun when you forget that ONE thing that baby really needs! Picking out an actual diaper bag can be overwhelming, there are so many great options out there. I’m sure you’ve seen mamas with the Fawn Design diaper bag- I love the fashionable design and functionality. I went with the brown color knowing my hubby would probably be carrying it a lot. Caleb actually doesn’t mind when he is in charge of the bag (I think he likes the way it looks on him haha)! This bag has lots of practical pockets for diapers, wipes and everything else!

Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins with all the stuff I fit into it! Below I’ve listed all the items that are always in my diaper bag right now. Keep in mind that Temple is 4 months so this is currently what we need when going out and about. If your baby is eating solids then you might need a few other things or different toys to keep them entertained.

Tie Front Tee | Black High-Waisted Jeans | Favorite Lipstick– color is Sugar Glider

Gathre Baby Changing Mat– I’m obsessed with my diaper changing mat. I love that it’s leather so you can wipe it down super easily. They also make really cool mats to go under your high chair for all the mess that drops.

Wipes- my favorite brands are Water Wipes and Seventh Generation wipes.

Burp Rags- the only burp rags we use and LOVE are these Green Sprout organic cloths. I always recommend getting the long burp rags, they don’t fall off your shoulder. I also like how the Green Sprout ones are white and simple.

Diapers- I usually keep 3-4 extra diapers in my bag at a time. We use Honest diapers or Pampers. I really like how Pampers have the strip that turn blue when they have a wet diaper.

Henne Organics Chap Stick– I don’t leave the house without this chapstick. It’s absolutely my favorite chapstick and it’s nontoxic!

Small Toys- I’ve been bringing this developmental toy everywhere we go! Temple is obsessed with how it lights up in different colors and rattles (she is 4 months right now). It also has a little mirror on one side that she loves to look in. It seems to keep her entertained.. at least for a little while!

Sophie the Giraffe– it’s so funny because when you’re pregnant every Mom tells you how obsessed babies are with Sophie. It’s so true- Temple loves chewing on Sophie. She’s a great teething toy.

Thieves Hand Sanitizer– the BEST hand sanitizer out there without all the chemicals that dry out your hands! If you’d like to order through me then use my name at checkout- Madison Lavey or my member #:10075924

Organic Nursing Pads– for all you breastfeeding mamas! These are great when you are out and feel a leak coming along- I just slide them into my bra.

Teething Necklace– I bought this before our first trip with Temple to San Diego. It was super helpful on the plane since she is in the “put everything in her mouth” stage! It feels great on babies gums when teething. I love that it is somewhat stylish!

Pacifier- Truthfully, Temple really isn’t that into binkies, I think this is because we exclusively breastfeed so she doesn’t take a bottle very often. But, I know most babies love pacifiers so I wanted to include it on this list!

Milk Snob Nursing Cover– This is either covering Temple’s carseat if she is napping or covering the goodies 😉 when breastfeeding in public! Never leave home without this!

*The other things I usually have in my bag that aren’t pictured: extra outfit for if Temple has a spit-up or a blowout, my wallet, lipstick and car keys!

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