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What’s in my birth bag?

I can’t believe I’m writing this and my baby girl is already eight weeks old!  What?!  I took the photos for this post while VERY pregnant (like 37 weeks) in anticipation for the launch of my blog.  I knew once Temple Lane arrived, I wouldn’t have a hot minute during the first few months to do anything but dote on her.

When planning for my first post, I decided to start at the beginning – pre- Baby T. I know that in those last few weeks of pregnancy, so many mamas are trying their hardest to be as prepared as possible, right down to their birth bag – the one they take with them once the big day finally arrives.

I had Temple in a birth center instead of a hospital (don’t worry, much more on that later), but most things I needed to pack were the same. y During my pregnancy, I would slowly add to my birth bag list.  When the day finally came and my labor started, having my bag completely packed and ready to go was such a relief. But, don’t forget – it’s not just your bag that needs to be prepped. You need to have Dad and Baby’s bags ready, too!

My midwives recommended packing things in Ziplocs. That way, Hubby can easily grab your toiletries or Baby’s things without digging through tons of loose items. During labor, I remember NEEDING my peppermint essential oil for nausea (with the pain that came with my natural birth, I got sick multiple times), and a new bra when mine got wet (in the bathtub where I spent most of my labor). In both instances, having things organized was super helpful.

In one of the images above, you’ll see a pink lightweight maternity PJ set.  This was one of my favorite outfits to wear both pre- and post-pregnancy.  It’s so cute, comfortable and nursing friendly.  It also makes for great photos at the hospital/birth center!

I also packed my favorite birth affirmation cards just in case I needed a little extra strength and positivity while laboring.  To be honest, I forgot to actually look at them while at the birth center (I was a little distracted!) but I did read a card almost every morning during my pregnancy.  They are such motivating guides and they fill you with the positivity you need, especially for a natural birth. Cannot recommend these cards enough!


  • Robe- love this one (wearing in images)
  • Lounge pants- these joggers and these pants. Practically live in them.
  • Nursing tank- I love these.
  • Bralette- a must for natural birth while laboring. Free People always has cute ones, like this one.
  • Nursing bra- love this one
  • Slippers
  • Socks- these Uggs are the coziest.
  • Shorts- these are a must for a natural birth. I labored in these shorts the whole time.
  • Pads/depends- I preferred depends.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Non-toxic skincare essentials- face wash (great for more problem prone skin), toner, chap stickface lotion (pricier but SO worth it), deodorant (great for sensitive pits bc no baking soda + only natural deodorant that works for me and Caleb, my hubby!)
  • Essential oils and diffuser- I brought peppermint for nausea and lavender for diffusing.
  • Makeup bag essentials- CC cream, bronzer and mascara
  • Outfit to wear home- I wore postpartum leggings, nursing tank, and a chunky sweater.
  • Nursing pillow- I have this organic one and use it daily.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Wallet
  • Birth Ball- for natural birth unless the hospital/birth center already has one.
  • 2 to 3 pairs of panties- I just wore Depends.
  • Phone charger
  • Camera (if you have one you’d prefer to use over your phone)
  • Gifts for the birth team- I gave each of them my favorite nontoxic candle and an organic chocolate bar.
  • Birth affirmation cards



  • sweatpants/shorts
  • two or three tee shirts
  • outfit to wear home
  • tennis shoes
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • slippers
  • toiletries
  • towel
  • swim trucks- for birth center dads; you might get in the tub at some point.


3 thoughts on “What’s in my birth bag?”

  1. Excited to follow you! I’m a big fan of your sister, cute babies and beauty tips so I think it’ll be a match made in heaven 😉 keep up the good work!

    1. Oh yay! I’m so happy you’re following along! Hope I can share some fun and helpful things with you. I can promise there will be lots of cute baby pictures!! 🙂

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