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What I actually Used Postpartum (For Mom and Baby)

Bobbie is one-month-old! Wow! I had Bobbie right before all the craziness with COVID-19 began, and when she was a week old, the “shelter in place” was put in Dallas. So, we have hunkered down at home, which is what you do with newborns anyway, but it has been hard. Not having the support from family and friends that we would have had makes me super sad. I can’t wait for all of this to settle so that everyone can come love on Bobbie and I! I want to have a big Sip & See to celebrate our precious baby girl and get together with everyone. And, I told Caleb I need an ultimate date night after this since I haven’t had any help with the girls #quarantine haha.

Anyway, I wanted to create a little list for you all of the things of the absolute must-have items that I used the first six weeks, aka the ‘newborn phase.’ I included all the things I used for healing after birth and details for breastfeeding. For baby, I just added my favorite items that are getting the most use during this newborn time. My actual registry blog post can be found here where you will see the more details items I have for the longterm.

Please leave a comment with any questions! I am always here to try and help the best I can! Stay healthy and safe!

Vaginal/Aftercare Healing

  • Stool Softener– I took this for the first 4-5 days postpartum. After birth, your first bowel movement can be a bit scary, especially if you tear at all in labor. A stool softener helps ease things out without you having to exert any pressure, haha.
  • Calm Magnesium and/or Magnesium Supplement- another option to help loosen stool for that first week postpartum.
  • Herbal Sitz Bath – I used this a few times in my bath.
  • Herbal Perineal Spray
  • Peri Bottle for post-pee.You won’t be able to wipe after birth for a while, so having a squirt bottle and filling it with room temp water is a super helpful alternative. The one I linked is the best!
  • Depends – I lived in these those first few weeks after birth. I found them much comfier then adding pads to my underwear.

Nipple and Breastfeeding Items

These are the items I am using from the start. Not saying you won’t need other things, but this is what I have 100% utilized and recommend from the start.

  • Nursing Tanks– I live in these the first few weeks around the house.
  • Medela Symphony– this is the pump I am using and loving so far. I didn’t start pumping until baby was two-weeks old so that my supply was a little more regulated. I only pump once a day in the mornings during her first nap. You typically get the most milk when you pump in the mornings.
  • Haaka Manual Breast Pump Milk Saver- this is a MUST for the first month or two! You put it on the breast you aren’t nursing from, and it catches all the extra milk that leaks. It’s crazy how much milk you end up getting this way to add to your freezer stash.
  • Pumping Hands Free Bra
  • Nook Nursing Pillow- I couldn’t live without this thing.
  • You will want Organic Brewer’s YeastGround Flaxseed, and Oats:  these lactation boosting products are in almost every recipe out there. You will use them a ton if you plan to make any lactation muffins, etc.
  • Miracle Milkookies get these delivered to your home. They are so yummy and seriously help with your milk supply! Something fun you could send a new mama friend too! Use Code: madaleighblog for 30% off your first order! 
  • Earth Mama Nipple butter OR Calendula Oil– both are safe for newborns to ingest while nursing. I typically grabbed my calendula oil and felt it helped with chapped nipples that the first week.
  • I highly recommend Legendary Milk. They use only 100% organic ingredients, and I have seen a significant improvement in my supply since taking them starting at three-weeks postpartum. They have several blends to choose from, so make sure to do your research to find what’s best for you. I take Liquid Gold and Pump Princess and started taking them when baby girl was two-weeks old. BONUS- I have a discount code for 15% off!! Use code MADA15 at checkout for 15% off any items.
  • Breastmilk Freezer Storage Bags and holder to store them in freezer
  • Milksnob Carseat/Nursing cover
  • Paxton Swivel Glider and Recliner-I got this before having Bobbie, and I am obsessed. So so comfortable and has a high back, which is essential bc we are tall! 
  • Burp Rags

Baby Item Main Must-Haves/Favorites

Reminder, these are not all the things you will need for baby, but these are the things I use the most since day one for the newborn stage.

Check out my Registry Blog Post for all my other favorite items!

  • Bassinet
    • any bassinet will work! I prefer keeping baby in a bassinet sleeping in our room with us for the first few months. I like having them close since I have to breastfeed in the middle of the night.
  • Doona Infant Carseat
  • Bibs Pacifiers
  • Honest Diapers
  • Owlet Monitor-I use this at night for the first few months. It brings me peace of mind, and I sleep better knowing I’d get an alert for anything abnormal about her breathing. I don’t use it during her daytime naps.
    • Sidenote: I tried the Snuza but wasn’t a huge fan. It doesn’t stay on very well and gives you false readings that scare you.
  • Motorola Monitor– I use this for both girls.
  • Ollie Swaddle– I am obsessed with this swaddle. It has been working great for us so far, and Bobbie is a month old.
  • Dohm Sound Machine
  • Oogie Bear Nose Picker– I use this daily to get the little boogers out of those tiny nostrils. You will seriously use this so much!
  • Snuggle Me Organic Lounger– couldn’t live without this thing! Bobbie naps in it throughout the day. I love that I can bring it from room to room. This is technically not approved for sleeping, so keep an eye on baby if they nap in this. I don’t use it for nighttime sleeping, but I feel comfortable letting her nap in it occasionally during the day when I am monitoring.
  • Solly Wrap– we never use a stroller on walks for Bobbie right now. I just put in my wrap, and she takes a great nap! If you have another child, then this is a must. I am chasing around a toddler, so being able to wear Bobbie is a lifesaver.
    • Check out my IG highlight page “Wrap Demo” to see how I use this carrier.
  • Baby Rocker Levo OR Boppy Lounger Bobbie hangs out either of these here while I cook, play with Temple, make the bed, etc. The angle is perfect for baby to sit somewhat upright and look around – aka, stay distracted while mama tries to scarf her food!
    • You could pick between them since they are both great for lounging. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with the Levo cause Bobbie will sometimes nap in this too since it rocks, and she can fit in it for a long as she grows.
  • Ruggish Playmat this is amazing and non-toxic! I love that I can move it from room to room. We use it for tummy time and just for Bobbie to play on in the playroom.
  • Fisher Price Kick n’ Play Piano Gym– great for some fun tummy time!
  • Cocokind Organic Baby Oil– this is what I’ve been using as Bobbie’s body lotion.
  • Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather
  • Earth Mama Baby Wash & Shampoo
  • Dagne Dover Diaper Bag
  • Promptly Baby Journal
  • Health Record Book 

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  1. Did find you needed a double stroller and a Doona? I am debating buying and uppa vista for my second but have been dying to use the doona. Doubtful I’ll need both!

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