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Traveling Tips + What To Pack For Baby

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Temple’s Luggage | Doona Car Seat Stroller | Diaper Backpack 

Traveling with a baby can be exciting but nerve-wracking. Feeling prepared for your trip can help lessen your worries.  We flew with Temple for the first time at around four months old to San Diego, and it went super well! They say when they are tiny it’s much easier to travel since they sleep and nurse most of the flight, less entertaining that you have to do! Our trip was so much fun and yes, traveling with a baby changes the way vacations are now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! At this age, flights are easier, but trips can get tricky since babies still nap a ton! We are pretty consistent with our nap schedule so that just means we have to think through our day and decide when to do our activities! Temple naps great in the car so we often timed out her naps when we were driving somewhere and then she would usually continue napping in her car seat once we got somewhere. The Doona (pictured above) is helpful for this since the legs pop down to make the car seat a stroller!

The best purchase I’ve made for travel/life with a baby is the Doona car seat/stroller. It’s pretty much the best baby invention ever! If you don’t already know what the Doona is, it’s a car seat with legs that pop into a stroller. When traveling, you don’t have to bring the base and use your seatbelt to strap it in the car. It’s so easy and makes traveling a whole lot easier. I registered for the Uppa Baby Mesa car seat and Uppa Vista stroller, and while these are great, I would have just purchased the Doona if I were to do it all over again. I use the Doona all the time now when we’re out and about and only use the Vista stroller when I am walking around the neighborhood or if we are going somewhere that I want that stroller storage. The Doona makes it so easy since you don’t have to hold the car seat but instead pop the legs down for easy travel! I especially recommend registering for this if you live in the city or frequently travel.

Note: For airlines that don’t allow car seats, you still shouldn’t have to check the Doona car seat. The Doona travel bag will keep it safe in the overhead locker during the flight. But, I recommend calling your airline to double-check before your trip.

Below, I have a list of everything we pack in our diaper bag for the flight and trip, what we pack in Temple’s checked bag and any other things you may need when traveling. Remember, Temple is four months for these tips, I am exclusively breastfeeding, don’t need to pump and Temple isn’t eating solids yet. Consider those things when packing!

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Temple’s Luggage


I will say, exclusively breastfeeding made the flight so much easier for us. I made sure to nurse Temple during take-off and landing to help with ear popping. Truthfully, she did a lot of nursing the whole flight. It was easier to let her fall asleep on the boob instead of getting up and having to rock her to sleep.

I recommend TSA PreCheck. Save yourself from sitting in the security line!

DON’T STRESS! Sometimes traveling with kiddos doesn’t go as planned and most people understand that. Guess What? Babies cry so don’t worry if yours does!


  • enough diapers for the flight
  • teething necklace 
  • one pack of baby wipes- we love water wipes
  • 3 to 4 burp rags- I love these organic ones.
  • Blanket- it can get chilly on the plane. We love this one; it’s not too heavy and so soft.
  • 2 to 3 small toys- we brought this one and this one on the flight. Also, consider a teething toy if your baby is teething!
  • Hand sanitizer- I only use YoungLiving Thieves, it’s the best!
  • Thieves wipe– I like to wipe down our seats, tray table, etc. There are some nasty germs on those planes! You could also use baby wipes for this.
  • Travel changing mat- I am obsessed with my Gather changing pad.
  • One change of PJs- for spit ups or blowouts. We like to travel in footed onesies, so they don’t get cold and are comfortable.
  • Pacifiers
  • Passport (if necessary)
  • Chapstick- this is for mama. Planes tend to dry us out/dehydrate, so I always keep this organic chapstick in our diaper bag.
  • Carrier-if you plan on babywearing through the airport or on the flight. We love this one.
  • (If not breastfeeding) Formula, two bottles, and water bottle to quickly make a bottle.
  • nursing/car seat cover


  • coconut oil
  • bath wash
  • Enough clothing for your trip- expect 2-3 outfits daily with spit ups at this young age.
  • socks, hair bows
  • Diapers and wipes- unless you plan to buy some there. You may not need wipes if you have enough for the trip in your diaper bag. One pack of water wipes should be plenty.
  • A few other toys
  • thick blanket for them to use as the play mat.
  • Baby sunscreen- I love this one and this one. Note: it’s not recommended to use sunscreen on the baby until they are six months of age. I have a whole natural sunscreen post here if you want to check out all the brands I approve of and how we approach sun care.
  • swimsuit/hat if at the beach
  • Extra bib and burp clothes- I brought two bibs and six burp cloths.
  • Nose Frida– babies get lots of boogies!
  • Check your stroller and car seat- I recommend the Doona car seat/stroller (I touched on why I love the Doona above.)
  • Travel sound machine
  • pack ‘n play- some hotels have cribs or pack ‘n plays so check before traveling.

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