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Temple’s First Birthday Party

Temple’s Pink Tutu Dress

Temple is ONE! How is this cute little cowgirl a full year old?! I have been looking forward to Temple’s first birthday for months, and I always knew I wanted to go with a cowgirl theme. I’m from a super small town north of Dallas, and I grew up on a ranch. My parents have tons of longhorns, and I am a country girl at heart! So, I thought I’d bring a little of the country to the city for sweet Temple’s party. (Plus, is there anything cuter than a baby in boots? Um, don’t think so!)

Hosting any party at your house can be overwhelming, but there’s an extra layer of stress when kiddos are involved.  You have to keep them entertained, which is never the easiest of tasks. Most of our little guests were Temple’s older cousins, so I bought this “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game from Amazon that they loved! We also set up a little “photo booth” area with props that all our party-goers enjoyed. And, once the kids were over the activities, we just showed them to the playroom and let them hang in there.

Now on to the food. I have to tell y’all about my cake & cupcake predicament. So, I wanted to find an organic bakery to make Temple’s cake. It’s important for me to try to avoid processed sugars, but I also didn’t want an ugly cake. I found a lady online, and her cakes looked stunning! I even sent her inspo photos – I was envisioning a pink paisley cake with a rope around the bottom and cow-print cupcakes. My poor, poor husband – I forgot to map the cake lady’s location, and turns out she lives an hour away! In retrospect, this should’ve been a sign. Caleb woke up bright and early to pick up Temple’s goodies and let’s just say they didn’t quite live up to my expectations. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the end result… the cupcakes featured what looked a little more like cow patties than cow spots!! Regardless, we had a good laugh and created a great memory to share with Temple when she’s older. And while they tasted good, needless to say, I will not be recommending this particular bakery to any of you Dallas ladies! But if you have any organic bakery suggestions in my area, I’m all ears. Please leave your picks in the comments section if you have a favorite!

For the light bites, I went for a classic crowd-pleaser… a Chick-fil-a party platter! Nothing beats nuggets at a kiddo’s birthday, and the adults love them too. And, you can always count on a fabulous charcuterie tray when you come to my house, so I borrowed these amazing trays from my mother-in-law to make sure I had plenty of space to work with. It’s CRAZY how many of you asked about them on Instagram – they are gorgeous and so fun to layer to give your table display a little height. I’ve already ordered them for myself! For reference, the ones pictured below are size Large and Medium.

I wanted to share all the little details in hopes it inspires you to throw a party for your little in the future! Below each image, I linked to products and included some additional details.


You can’t throw a party without beer for the boys! I love any chance to use this beverage holder from Crate and Barrel. I always get so many compliments, and the size is perfect.

These charcuterie trays were the star of the show. Again, I’m using the large and medium sizes here.

My tips for a great meat and cheese tray:

  • For meats, I usually go with prosciutto, mortadella, and salami. I always recommend at least 3 meat options. Always separate them out of the packaging. I never like the look of them all perfectly lined up. You want it to look effortless!
  • For cheeses, I ALWAYS get a soft brie and jam (this is my absolute favorite jam), Another favorite cheese is this one, which I have found at most grocery stores but specifically found this at Whole Foods. Then, choose a hard cheese like gouda.
  • Don’t forget green olives and make sure the pit is removed. I like to use kalamata olives, too.
  • Grapes make great “fillers” for those empty spots on your tray.
  • Crackers or bread are a must, and I usually place mine near the brie and jam for easy access. YUM!
  • Nuts are a must. My absolute favorite is Trader Joe’s Truffle Almonds. They are TO DIE FOR.
  • Use small bowls for your nuts and olives. I love these ones and use them all the time.

I like to put my Chick-Fil-A nuggets on a fun serving platter. That way, they look a little fancier than they would in the plastic platter them come on. And don’t forget to order those dips – people NEED their Chick-Fil-A dipping sauces!

My three vases are from Hobby Lobby, and I made the arrangements myself. Trader Joes’ is my go-to for flowers. They have the best prices! I always make sure to get lots of green flowers for fillers. Another tip- get a tiny arrangement to put in the powder bath that people will be using and light a small votive candle. Those little touches make a big difference!

The cookie tray is old but here is a similar one. My MIL made the cookies herself – how amazing is she?! She uses THE best gluten-free recipe, and I’m not kidding when I say they are the most delicious and SO fluffy!

Picture frame from Home Goods. Pictures throughout the party are such a fun detail.

I made a veggie tray and served it on this platter.

My top and jeans | Temple’s dress

The large cactus was borrowed from my MIL. Large flowers from Home Goods. Wild West photo props from Home Goods. My parents brought the hay bale from their ranch. Lanterns are from Pottery Barn- similar ones here and here. The “Come on Cowboys” framed movie poster is from Uncommon Objects, an antique store in Austin.


Party Favor Bags & Bandannas. I had these stamps in the bags, this organic candy, and this sheriff badge for the kids to take home. I was silly and forgot to take a picture of all the goodies that were inside the bags!


High chair, pink tutu & One sign


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