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Temple’s Bath Time Products + Night Time Routine

Bathtime is one of our favorite parts of the day with little Temple – this girl loves the water! So, it’s especially important that we bathe her with all the right products. There are sooo many out there, and it can be overwhelming. You don’t want to accidentally choose something with synthetic fragrances, chemicals or parabens that can irritate that precious baby skin!

Below I’ve listed all the brands that are Mada-approved. It’s always great to change it up and find what you love best for your LO and their specific skin needs.

Bathtime Accessories:

  • We were using this baby bath until Temple hit four-ish months. She’s too big for it now, so we switched to this seat. It suctions to the bottom of the tub and Temple loves it! She can splash her feet around and sit up.
  • Water Scoop: We use this scooper to pour water all over her body! Random sidenote: One of my friends gave me this really simple piece of advice for bathing baby: don’t be scared to get water in their eyes from the start. If you ALWAYS avoid their face, as they get older it will become an issue, and they get frustrated or cry when any water gets in their eyes.
  • organic washcloths
  • This mat is great to rest your knees on while bathing baby.
  • Little holder to store all the toys. It just sticks to the wall.
  • As they get bigger, you’ll need something to cover the water spout to protect them, and we have this one. As you can see, we went with the whale theme in the bathroom since it’s gender neutral.

Baby Bath Washes/Shampoos I Love:

When it comes to bath time, we do not bathe Temple every day. We bathe her every few days or on a need-be basis. We usually bathe Temple after long afternoon walks. It’s hot in Texas right now, and it’s mosquito season so when we go on walks, I apply this nontoxic bug spray. She usually needs a bath afterward to remove all the insect repellent.

I don’t feel that babies (or adults) need to bathe daily. Babies have such sensitive skin, and honestly, we only need a bath or shower when we’re dirty! So, when Temple’s dirty, that’s when I bathe her! I especially recommend fewer baths if your little one has eczema. It can dry them out even more. We all have natural bacterias that are good for us and keep our PH levels regular. Bathing removes some of the good bacteria.

I know bath time can be part of your nightly routine, but for us, it’s more of 2-3 times a week thing, or whenever Temple gets stinky or takes an especially big poop that only a bath can clean up! Haha. Now that we’re starting to introduce food, she will be getting messier, which means more baths. But, I still probably won’t use body wash/shampoo every time if we’re taking them more frequently. I’ll just do a quick rinse to remove the food, etc.

After bath time, we lightly pat her dry so that she still has a few water droplets on her body and apply Cocokind Organic Soothing Salve all over. If Temple has a little diaper rash, we use Zoes Organic Diaper Cream. If her bottom is irritated, then we use Skinfix Diaper Rash cream. We always apply her diaper balm with this applicator; it’s a game changer.

As for the rest of our nighttime routine, we get Temple in her PJs and sleep sack and then I hold her in the rocking chair while Daddy reads to her. We usually read 2-3 books and sometimes listen to or sing one song (with the help of our phones) before we put her down. Another thing I’ve sometimes been incorporating is diffusing YoungLiving Gentle Baby while we get her ready for bed. It contains chamomile and lavender to promote a sense of calm.

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