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Temple’s 3-Month Schedule

I still have days when I can’t believe I’m a mom. Mother’s Day is around the corner and I am so excited! I knew I wanted kids one day but now that Temple is here, I realize that I really was meant to be a mama. I feel beyond blessed that I get to stay home with Temple and every day with her is so much fun. Of course, it can be super overwhelming at times. But, seeing her perfect little smile and watching her grow and develop each day just makes it all worth it.

Now that Temple is three months, we are finally sticking to a pretty consistent schedule. This is what works for us and I know every baby is so different! I can tell that Temple is so much happier when we try to stay in her routine. At three months, being up for about an hour at a time seems to be perfect for her. Obviously, we have our days and sometimes things don’t go quite as planned, but that’s okay! We’re all just doing our best and trying to figure it out as we go. Now that we’re three months in, we are feeding every 2-3 hours. I am exclusively breastfeeding still, and you can find a post all about that here.

We work with a sleep coach who I meet with over the phone and she’s given us great advice – I can’t recommend her enough! For three-month-olds, she recommends Baby be awake for one hour in between naps. At two months it was 45 minutes of wake time, so basically, with each month you add 15 minutes to your baby’s wake time. Right now, once Temple has been up an hour she starts getting fussy and yawns. For me, that confirms we’re right on track! Once she goes back down for a nap, she usually sleeps for around an hour. We do this cycle all day long. Awake an hour, sleep an hour.

Let me be clear, though. We do NOT have it all together, all the time. The two biggest struggles we’re working through right now are bedtime and nursing to sleep. We are trying to get Temple to go down for the night around 8 – 9 pm until her mid-night feed (around 1 – 3 am), but she’s really fighting us on it. That little stinker keeps waking up around 10 – 10:30 pm, and we have to feed her again before she’ll go back down. She also loves being nursed to sleep,  which I must admit, can be a lot easier on me. We’re working to stop this though, especially during the day time. It just makes it that much harder for her to go down when Caleb or anyone else tries to put her to sleep. Other than these things though, she is doing great on her little schedule!

Temple currently sleeps in the Zippadee-Zip sleeper. Up until about three weeks ago, she was in the Love to Dream Swaddle, which is super similar. We’ve found that she likes the Zippadee more now because she can fully straighten her arms.  At three months, Temple’s favorite “toys” are this play mat, this car seat bar and this  floor seat. I love this particular floor seat because it’s higher in the back, giving her the full support she still needs. It’s perfect for when I need to cook dinner or get some things done around the house while she chills – mom win!

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Playmat | Rug | Temple’s onesie-sold out but similar here | Top


7:00 am: Temple wakes up for the day! Sometimes I wake her up, but this is usually when she is naturally getting up. We try to always get up around the same time so that our nap schedule isn’t off. Caleb usually changes her diaper and brings her to me in bed, then he brings me coffee (he’s the best). We always make sure to turn the light on in the room during that first feeding so Temple understands it is daytime (something my sleep coach taught us). After feeding, we typically don’t play before her first nap. My sleep coach told me that they should have their shortest wake period before nap one of day.

8:00 am: Down for nap #1. This is usually her longest nap of the day. She always naps for at least one hour but sometimes two. We never let her sleep over two hours – that could mess with her sleep for the rest of the day (my sleep coach taught me this as well).

10:00 am: Wakes up from nap #1. Like I said – this is usually when she wakes up from her longest nap, but she could be up sooner, around 9 – 9:30 am, which is totally okay, too. Once she’s up, we nurse and play until it’s time for her next nap.

11:00 am: Down for nap #2.

12:00 pm: Wakes up from nap #2. Feed and play. Note: She doesn’t always eat at each wake period – just depends if she seems hungry. But, she does eat at least every other time she’s awake.

1:00 pm: Down for nap #3.

2:00 pm: Wake, feed, play… I’m sure you are starting to see the trend here!

3:00 pm: Down for nap #4.

4:00 pm: Wake, feed, play. We sometimes go on a short afternoon walk during this wake time.

5:00 pm: Down for nap #5 – the last nap of the day.

6:00 pm: Wakes up. If it’s a bath day, (we only bathe 2-3 times a week) this is when we usually bathe. We typically wait for Caleb to get home from work (around 7:00 pm). After bathing, we nurse and read two or three books in her room (this one and this one are her current favorites). This is her longest wake period – she is usually up for 1 1/2 – 2 hours before bedtime.

7:30 – 8:00 pm: Bedtime!

10:00 pm: Full disclosure, this is where we are currently struggling. We’d love for her to stay asleep longer (until her 1:00 am feeding) but we’re just not quite there yet. Instead, she wakes up around 10 for a “dream feed” –  about 3-4 ounces of bottled breast milk to top her off and help her sleep longer with a full tummy.

1:00 am – 3:00 am: She wakes up some time from 1 – 3 and I nurse her, change her and either put her back in her crib or let her sleep with me for the rest of the night. She loves sleeping with me and I don’t mind it, so if she wakes up closer to 3, then I just let her sleep with us! I’m sure people have their opinions on this but I’m being totally honest with y’all! This is what works for us, and I’m more than happy to take all the snuggles!

7:00 am: Wake up and start all over!

8 thoughts on “Temple’s 3-Month Schedule”

  1. How did you handle sticking to the schedule and getting out of the house? Were all naps in the dock-a-tot/crib or were some of these naps on the go? This is so helpful, but trying to figure out the balance between sticking to the schedule and not feeling like we’re stuck in the house. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Ugh that’s the hard part. I tried not to stress too much about the schedule or try to time outings between naps or where she could nap in the car. They will be fine if they don’t have a perfect schedule all the time so just take it day by day! XOX

  2. Hi! Do you have any tips on putting baby down for a nap without nursing? What seemed to work best for Temple? I’d love any tips as I’m currently navigating this myself.

    1. Hi Christina!

      That’s a tough one! I would try to nurse her about 30 minutes before putting her down, so she was nice and tired but not fully asleep and still had a little crack in her eyes. I also recommend giving my sleep coach, Jessica, with Sleep Happy a call. She is a miracle worker and works with what specifically will work best for your little one.

      best, Mada

  3. You’ve become one of my go to sources for all things baby! I have a 3 week old and feed every 2-3 hours. Did you originally feed Temple every hour? I’m needing all the tips in hopes it will help her sleep longer at night!

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