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Target Clean Beauty Brands I Love

Top: Sold out but this one is the same brand and almost identical (on sale!) | Jeans

Target is the place where we all probably spend a lot of money! GUILTY! I swear I go in for one thing and come out with three outfits for Temple, a new vacuum, and an extreme amount of beauty products!!! #noshame And now it will be even worse cause they’ve stepped their game up when it comes to clean beauty and skincare products. I tried to go through their website and check all the brands that are advertised as “natural” and let y’all know which ones are legit. I even mention which products I love from each brand. I’m so excited to order a few things to try after doing some research.

I highly recommend downloading the Healthy Living EWG and ThinkDirty App to your phone. That way, when you’re at the store looking for products you can type them into these apps where they will tell you their clean rating. They are both rated on a 0-10 scale, 10 being the worst aka “most toxic ingredients” that we should avoid! What’s even better is when you click on that product you can see what ingredients are causing it to have that rating. EWG App also has a scanner so you can scan products directly into the app. If I’m shopping on my laptop at home, I pull up the EWG direct site and type products into the search bar to see the rating. I find I am always learning when I read the few ingredients that aren’t safe and why. Between those two apps, almost every brand you are likely to use will be listed. And make sure to check all the products from a specific brand. For example, I think Honest Beauty has some legit products with safe ingredients, such as their mascara, but they also have a few from their line that isn’t as clean, such as their foundation. DO YOU RESEARCH and take the time before throwing things into your cart. This is your skin and you have to take that responsibility to check and make sure what your buying is clean and worth your dime!

It’s good to be aware when reading labels. IMO if there is a massive amount of ingredients and words I don’t understand, then it’s likely not great for me. Less is more when it comes to products that I directly put on my (or my babies) skin!

Toward the bottom of the post, I list a few brands that online are listed in the “natural” section, but when you do some digging into the ingredients, they just don’t cut it for me. Most are packed with perfumes, parabens (“widely used as preservatives in cosmetics. May disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental disorders”- EMG,) possible carcinogenic ingredients, etc.

Here’s a link to a great post on the top 10 ingredients to avoid when buying beauty products! Alright, let’s get to it!

Clean Beauty Brands I Overall Approve of…


  • LOVE their Brightening facial scrub I use it 2x a week on face and even on back or arms if they are dry or have any breakouts.
  • I also love the Brightening Fruit Peel Mask
  • I’ve tried their shampoo/conditioner, and I’m not crazy about it + it has a rating of 4. This isn’t a horrible rating but not worth it since I don’t love this product.

S.W. Basics

  • Obsessed with their 5-Ingredient toner. I also love the rose spray to keep in purse for a quick freshen up during the day. I saw they have jojoba oil 1-use packets that I’m 100% ordering for travel as my body lotion, such a brilliant idea that I’m pumped about haha
  • They also carry a few baby products I’d love to try out.

Botanics Organic

  • Their products seem pretty clean overall but I haven’t personally tried any yet.

Sailor By Captain B

Andalou Naturals

  • All the products I checked seemed pretty clean although I haven’t tried any yet.

Dr. Bronner

Burts Bees

  • For the most part, all of the Burts Bees products are pretty dang clean! There are a few with a rating of 3 on toxicity which isn’t horrible. This is a brand you really want to check the rating for specific products through EWG or ThinkDirty since they have so many products. I definitely am not a fan of their cleansing towelettes.

Honest Beauty

  • Overall, a great brand for some quality makeup that is much cleaner than most brands.
  • A few of my favorite things are the magic balm and mascara.

Nourish Organic

  • Haven’t tried this brand but plan to order a few products. The ingredients look overall amazing.


  • For the most part, this brand is pretty clean. Not a big fan of their mascara, foundation, body butter, and makeup wipes.

W3LL People

  • One of my favorite clean beauty brands! I’m so pumped they sell it at Target now; I want to buy everything from this line!
  • I absolutely love the Bio Correct Concealer I use this as my under eye brightener daily (I use shade ‘light’ so that I get that brightening effect.)
  • Bio Brightening Stick– I use this to highlight and give myself that sexy glow every time I go out or want that extra va-va-voom! I apply this with my crunchi foundation brush aka the best brush ever haha!
  • Narcissist Foundation stick- This is awesome for travel since you can glide it directly on the skin. I have the shade ‘Medium-Pink’ and apply it with my Crunchi Foundation Brush. I prefer my crunchi foundation, but this is great of keeping in a gym bag or in a purse to use for quick coverage.
  • Nudist eyeshadow palette haven’t tried this but love the shades.

Zuzu Luxe

  • Love this brand! I use the clear mascara (couldn’t find it online) as my brow gel daily. I’ve had the same tube for a long time, and it still does the trick for these monster brows haha!
  • I’ve heard great reviews about the oil-free liquid foundation.

Gabriel Cosmetics

  • Haven’t tried this brand but I’ve heard great things about the multi-pot and their lipsticks from other green beauty bloggers.

C’est Moi

  • Haven’t tried any of their products but most seem to be clean! I would check the website for toxic ingredients that I mentioned earlier to double check a product you might be interested in trying.


  • I’ve heard some green beauty bloggers mention the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial lotion being fabulous. Overall, their products seem pretty clean.


  • Some of their products are clean but some not so much. I like their Multi-Purpose Jelly and Mineral Sunscreen. Again, double check products through those apps I mentioned.

Plant Apothecary

  • Obsessed with this brand and the logo/look is impressive! I love the body wash. Would make a great gift in a cute green beauty basket. I’m so excited Target carries this brand.

Ella and Mila

  • nontoxic nail polish and nail polish remover.

Piggy Paint

  • haven’t tried this nail polish or remover but all the ingredients seem to be pretty safe.

Cleaning Product Brands I Approve:

  • Seventh Generation– this brand is really clean overall. If you are looking for a brand to buy in Target, then this is probably your best pick for a household cleaning product IMO. Again, check my blog post on Cleaning products because you would get more for your $$ with a brand like Branch Basics!
  • Babyganics– they have a few products that are more nontoxic than most brands but it’s not perfect. Check specific products rating on ThinkDirty. Truthfully, I don’t think things advertised for baby are necessary. If you are using nontoxic laundry detergent, etc. then it should all be 100% safe for the whole family, including your baby!
  • Dr. Bronner– I love using the Sal Suds for dishes.

Advertised as “Natural” but really not that great…

Pixi By Petra

  • If you check, almost all of their products have some sketchy ingredients that I don’t want on my face every day such as methylparaben- fragrance ingredient and preservative that mimics estrogen. Studies of breast tumors show a build-up of methylparaben in the breast tissue.-think dirty. They also use carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue) such as benzophenone.

Physicians Formula

  • They advertise as “natural,” but almost all the products I looked into had some sketchy ingredients. I wouldn’t purchase any products from this company.

Yes to Carrots, Coconut, etc…

  • Overall, I am not a fan of the ingredients this company uses. I wouldn’t even bother checking for specific products cause they all seem to use ingredients I don’t feel comfortable putting on my skin.


Seaweed Bath Co

  • This is one of those brands that you need to look up the specific products. They have some with clean ingredients and some that aren’t so great. Overall, I probably would stay clear unless you do your research.

Every Man Jack

  • Not a fan. Most everything is rated 8 out of 10 in toxic ingredients! They use lots of fragrances without specifying if they are synthetic or all-natural.

Earth Science Naturals

  • They seem to use some synthetic preservatives in their products which are potential neurotoxins (a poison that acts in the nervous system.)


A cleaning product company but figured I’d cover a few of those since there aren’t many cleaning products advertised as “clean” or “natural” at Target. Method does a good job of marketing themselves as “natural”. Most of their products are rated 4 or 3 which isn’t horrible but not something I would like using to clean my home. They are using lots of “fragrances” and “Methylisothiazolinone”- Linked to Allergies/immunotoxicity, Use restrictions, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Neurotoxicity, Ecotoxicology-EWG

Check out My Favorite Natural Cleaning Products post to see what I recommend.


This is another home cleaning brand that I think A LOT of us purchase. I used to be guilty of purchasing Meyer before really diving into the clean living world. The packaging is pretty, and they do a great job on advertising, but they aren’t using the best ingredients! Almost every product has a rating of 8 or higher on ThinkDirty. “Fragrance” seems to be the #1 reason for this rating. They label “fragrance” with no clean company policy on whether they are using synthetic or all-natural fragrances. I’d bet it’s synthetic if they aren’t telling us, this is likely something that will cause allergies and could be a carcinogen (which is linked to cancer.)


3 thoughts on “Target Clean Beauty Brands I Love”

  1. I’m curious if you have ever used Beautycounter products and your opinion on them? Your blog has been a major inspiration for me to start slowly switching to green products. I have seen a lot of other bloggers using Beautycounter, but would love to what you think (if anything). Thanks!!

  2. Love that Target carries so many great brands now! I didn’t know! I think Honest Beauty is re-vamping their products to make them cleaner. They have been taking a lot out and I’ve checked the new ones on EWG and they are really clean. I agree that their mascara is the best 🙂

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