Bobbie’s Natural Birth Story


I can’t believe she is here! We are officially a family of four. It still feels surreal! I’m so excited to share Bobbie’s birth story – I was so touched by how much you all loved reading my retelling of Temple’s special birth, and it’s surreal that I’m now sitting here with my second baby …


Baby Lavey #2: Birth Bag Checklist


With a natural birth at a birth center, you do not stay there long, so this list is not going to be the same as a hospital list! When I had my first daughter, Temple, I was back home 4 hours after delivering. With that being said, I am making this list as accurate as …


Baby Lavey #2: Second Trimester Update


I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! I know this it’s likely due to the fact that I’m never not chasing my toddler around, but regardless, I know I’m blessed to feel so great. For you mamas having a rougher time – I really feel for you! Just try to remember that …