Bobbie’s 4-Month Schedule Update


Make sure to check out my post on Newborn Sleep Tips and Bobbie’s Schedule. There are so many tips on setting up good sleep habits. If you are struggling with sleep, then reach out to my sleep consult, Jessica, with Sleep Happy. Mention my name, and you will receive a discount on her services! I …


Favorite Quarantine Activities & Purchases For My Two-Year-Old


These are weird times we’re living in right now. It’s crazy cause a week after I had my second daughter, Bobbie, the stay-at-home rule went in place here in Dallas. Staying at home wasn’t horrible for us since you’re home with a newborn anyway, but not seeing all our family and friends and getting that …


Newborn Sleep Tips with Sleep Happy + Bobbie’s Newborn Schedule


Hello Mada Followers!  I’m Jessica, a pediatric sleep coach, confidence builder and child development enthusiast over at Sleep Happy Consulting. My purpose is to build confidence in sleep-deprived mothers and equip them with the tools to create confident healthy sleepers for life.  I have been working with Mada since Temple was 6 weeks old.  Mada …


What I actually Used Postpartum (For Mom and Baby)


Bobbie is one-month-old! Wow! I had Bobbie right before all the craziness with COVID-19 began, and when she was a week old, the “shelter in place” was put in Dallas. So, we have hunkered down at home, which is what you do with newborns anyway, but it has been hard. Not having the support from …


Baby Lavey #2: Birth Bag Checklist


With a natural birth at a birth center, you do not stay there long, so this list is not going to be the same as a hospital list! When I had my first daughter, Temple, I was back home 4 hours after delivering. With that being said, I am making this list as accurate as …


Baby Lavey #2: Third Trimester- Prep for Birth & Postpartum


Everything I’ve done this pregnancy has been with the intention of preparing myself for both my natural birth and postpartum (or “the fourth trimester”). For y’all’s quick reference, I’ve linked to each of the blog posts I wrote while pregnant with Baby Girl #2. Reading through the list, I can’t believe I’m writing this one …