Toddler Snack Ideas


Toddler Snack Ideas First of all, LEFTOVERS!!! This is the #1 thing I try to give Temple for her “snack.” I don’t feel that a snack needs to be looked at as something pre-packages. I always try to reach for something in the fridge that we’ve already prepped or something from her previous meal that …


Pesto Sweet Potato & Scrambled Egg Burritos


These breakfast burritos are the perfect meal to prep and have ready-to-go for breakfast or lunch. You could also make them into tacos if you prefer that over rolling into a burrito. You can double the sweet potatoes blend portion of the directions and make that ahead of time then use it for meals throughout …


Zucchini Turkey Burgers


This burger recipe is super easy and great for the whole family. I’m always looking for ways to sneak in those veggies, and a burger is perfect for just that. I added in chopped red bell pepper & a full grated zucchini. There are no eggs since the zucchini keeps it nice and moist. My …