Favorite Quarantine Activities & Purchases For My Two-Year-Old


These are weird times we’re living in right now. It’s crazy cause a week after I had my second daughter, Bobbie, the stay-at-home rule went in place here in Dallas. Staying at home wasn’t horrible for us since you’re home with a newborn anyway, but not seeing all our family and friends and getting that …


5 Of My Favorite Face Masks


Robe print is sold out but style linked here! Quarantine has me taking my skincare game to the next level! I am home more, so I’ve been playing around with products to see what my skin is loving. My second daughter, Bobbie, was born two months ago, and I was craving a massage and facial, …


Newborn Sleep Tips with Sleep Happy + Bobbie’s Newborn Schedule


Hello Mada Followers!  I’m Jessica, a pediatric sleep coach, confidence builder and child development enthusiast over at Sleep Happy Consulting. My purpose is to build confidence in sleep-deprived mothers and equip them with the tools to create confident healthy sleepers for life.  I have been working with Mada since Temple was 6 weeks old.  Mada …


New Eaters (6+Months) Must-Have Items


It can be overwhelming to know what you need when it comes to feeding your baby. These are all the items that are my tried-and-trues! I used them from the start of feeding my daughter at 6-months and most I still use to this day, and she’s almost two! Reminder, I have a full blog …


2019 Home Decor Gift Guide


  Urban Spikes Succulents: If you live in DFW, then a succulent tray from Urban Spikes is such an excellent gift for the home. I still have the one Caleb gifted me months ago! Pillow from Purveyor Home: My home designer owns Purveyor Home, and we have a few of her pillows in our living …


2019 Wellness Gift Guide


Vitruvi Diffuser | Oura Ring | On Sneakers | Alen Air Purifier | Chemex Coffee Maker | Cookbook | Nontoxic Candle | Ultracor Star Leggings | Electric Kettle | Lululemon Align Leggings  Nontoxic Home Ideas Check out my “Home Gift Guide” and my “Natural Cleaning Products Post” for some other ideas. Air Purifiers: I want …