Rex’s Natural Birth Story


I can’t believe I am sharing Rex’s birth story! My little boy is here and he is the sweetest addition to make us a family of five. Holy cow, it’s crazy even saying we are a fam of five now! I love that you all have enjoyed my previous birth stories of Temple and Bobbie. …


Bobbie’s Natural Birth Story


I can’t believe she is here! We are officially a family of four. It still feels surreal! I’m so excited to share Bobbie’s birth story – I was so touched by how much you all loved reading my retelling of Temple’s special birth, and it’s surreal that I’m now sitting here with my second baby …


Temple’s Natural Birth Story


I love hearing and reading other women’s birth stories. I feel that birth should always be seen in the most positive of lights and that is partly why I wanted to share my story. I believe every birth is wonderful, no matter how we choose to bring our little ones into the world. This is …