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Relationship Talk: How I Met My Hubby + Our Honeymoon Video


You can also click here to view our honeymoon video!

Caleb is 27 years old today!! WOO HOO!  I thought it would be fun to share a little about our journey and relationship to celebrate.

I am sooo excited to share our honeymoon video with all of you (linked above)! Caleb brought a GoPro with us and documented our entire Euro trip. At the time, I was a little annoyed (and embarrassed) by the GoPro overload, but now I’m SO glad he was in full dad-mode videoing Every. Little. Thing.

We married about two years ago on February 27th, 2016, on my parents’ ranch in our hometown of Celina, Texas. Below you’ll find a few photos of one of the SECOND best day of our lives (behind Temple’s birthday, of course)!

Caleb is such a romantic and is always making small (but adorable) gestures and surprises for me. For our one year anniversary, he put all that GoPro footage to the best use when he had a friend put together a honeymoon montage. I have the biggest smile every time I watch this video; it documents our personalities and love so perfectly. Also, the ending kills me; as I’m sure you’ll notice, we were a tad over-served in the Italian wine department that night!!

First, a little backstory on Caleb and I. We actually met in fourth grade, so we’ve known each other most of our lives. We are from a small town north of Dallas, where everyone knows everyone. Caleb is a year younger than me and we were always friends during our younger years, but it wasn’t until the summer before my senior year of high school that we started dating.

After high school, I went to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and Caleb graduated high school early to play football at Oklahoma State. We did long distance for four years (4-hour drive), and it was one of my hardest times. Football made things extra tough because it consumed almost all of Caleb’s time, which meant visits to Fort Worth were rare. I believe that a long distance relationship strengthens those right for each other and reveals those that aren’t. Truthfully, marriage seems easy after getting through those years of long distance dating!!

Caleb and I during my senior year. Babies!

Prom 2009. Let’s not talk about my thin eyebrows!

After college, we moved in together in Dallas and Caleb trained for the NFL. He was offered to try out with the Dallas Cowboys as a middle linebacker, but in the end, it didn’t work out. It was definitely for the best -football is so hard on your body. Caleb is such a smart and determined man, and football wasn’t his lifelong dream.

Fast forward a few years, and Caleb is in commercial real estate, we’re married, and we have a beautiful 6-month old baby girl, Temple.

Now, a few things that make me love Caleb more and more every day. I will make him read this post, and he will probably be embarrassed by my bragging, but it’s his birthday, and he deserves a little extra love!

  1. He lights up a room; people are drawn to his larger than life personality! He always lifts you up and helps you see all of the great qualities you have. He’s like my personal hype-man!
  2. He has the biggest heart and does things with so much love and thought.
  3. His determination and work ethic leave me in awe. He works his ass off every day for our little family.
  4. And gosh, seeing him as a father melts my heart. I don’t know how I got so lucky!
  5. When I told Caleb I wanted to start my blog, he pushedme to go for it, despite my reservations and fears.
  6. He supports my weird, crunchy, natural lifestyle and he didn’t even think twice when I told him I wanted a natural birth! Plus, he uses natural deodorant and puts coconut oil all over his hair and body every night. He’s a keeper!
  7. Oh and he LOVES nicknames. If you know him, then you for sure have a nickname. He even makes up names for himself, and somehow they stick! I find myself using all his silly names… C-Beezy, Lavedog, Dealsy McBeez- to name a few! Gosh, he’s such a weirdo!

Lastly, I want to make it clear that our marriage is not perfect (no ones is), and we work hard every day to support, love and lift each other up. We challenge each other and always try to be one another’s biggest supporter. We make sure to ALWAYS have each other’s back. When you get married, your new little family comes first, no matter what!

Never settle for finding your person. They are out there, and you will know when it’s right.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, travel buddy, and teammate for life! Let’s go get you a mezcal margarita and aaaaallll the Tex-Mex to celebrate!


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