2019 Home Decor Gift Guide


  Urban Spikes Succulents: If you live in DFW, then a succulent tray from Urban Spikes is such an excellent gift for the home. I still have the one Caleb gifted me months ago! Pillow from Purveyor Home: My home designer owns Purveyor Home, and we have a few of her pillows in our living …


2019 Skincare Gift Guide


A lot of these products are available and linked to Follain.com. Make sure to use my code madaleighblog for 15% off + free shipping. The only brand it won’t work for is the Vitner’s Daughters. You can also check out last years Green Beauty and Skincare Gift Guide for other ideas! Face Serums Indie Lee …


2019 Wellness Gift Guide


Vitruvi Diffuser | Oura Ring | On Sneakers | Alen Air Purifier | Chemex Coffee Maker | Cookbook | Nontoxic Candle | Ultracor Star Leggings | Electric Kettle | Lululemon Align Leggings  Nontoxic Home Ideas Check out my “Home Gift Guide” and my “Natural Cleaning Products Post” for some other ideas. Air Purifiers: I want …


Temple’s Favorite Toys at Two Years & Christmas Gift Guide


It’s November, which means Christmas is around the corner! I thought it was the perfect time to do an update on all of Temple’s current favorite toys + some Christmas gift ideas for any kiddos around her age! Keep in mind, she is 21-months, and these are all toys she has loved the past year. …


Toddler Snack Ideas


Toddler Snack Ideas First of all, LEFTOVERS!!! This is the #1 thing I try to give Temple for her “snack.” I don’t feel that a snack needs to be looked at as something pre-packages. I always try to reach for something in the fridge that we’ve already prepped or something from her previous meal that …


Gender Prediction Wives’ Tales


The Gender Ring Test The gender prediction wives’ tales are so so silly, but they are fun!! I figured why not give them all a shot and see if boy or girl gets more votes. Did you find that these wives’ tales were true when predicting the gender of your baby?! Comment and let me …