Baby Lavey #2: Birth Bag Checklist


With a natural birth at a birth center, you do not stay there long, so this list is not going to be the same as a hospital list! When I had my first daughter, Temple, I was back home 4 hours after delivering. With that being said, I am making this list as accurate as …


Temple’s Montessori Potty Training


Why we chose the Montessori Method + How we knew Temple was ready Temple attends a half-day daily Montessori program that we absolutely love! She started at 18-months, so she’s been going for about six months now. If you aren’t familiar with Montessori and would like to learn more, I recommend this book to get started …


Temple’s Bedroom Reveal


To say I’m in love with Temple’s new “big girl” room would be an understatement. It came together so well, and the colors and vibe are just the right amount of girly. I worked with Angeline Guido Design to create this charming room. I knew I wanted to wallpaper her back wall to add some …


Baby Lavey #2: Third Trimester- Prep for Birth & Postpartum


Everything I’ve done this pregnancy has been with the intention of preparing myself for both my natural birth and postpartum (or “the fourth trimester”). For y’all’s quick reference, I’ve linked to each of the blog posts I wrote while pregnant with Baby Girl #2. Reading through the list, I can’t believe I’m writing this one …


Temple’s “Tea For Two” Birthday Party


I can’t believe my little girl turned TWO! This year flew by! Happy birthday, Temple! She spent most of this year obsessing with horses and loves her half-day school program. Temple has taught me so much these past two years. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but she makes motherhood the absolute …


Baby Lavey #2: Second Trimester Update


I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! I know this it’s likely due to the fact that I’m never not chasing my toddler around, but regardless, I know I’m blessed to feel so great. For you mamas having a rougher time – I really feel for you! Just try to remember that …