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Our Christmas Traditions

Tis’ the season to start family traditions! I have been extra excited this year because now that Temple is almost two, she can really understand and enjoy Christmas with us! Caleb and I were talking about what traditions we want to start this year for our own little growing family. It’s so fun knowing that these are things we will do for years to come.

Something that was important to me when planning for the Holidays this year was waking up at our own house on Christmas morning. When we didn’t have kids we didn’t mind celebrating on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house and waking up there the next morning. But now that we have child, it is super important to me that we have our own little celebration when we wake up on Christmas. Now we typically spend Christmas Eve with Caleb’s family, Christmas morning just us, and Christmas day with my family. This routine really works for us, and we feel so blessed that our parents live in the area – it makes things so much easier!

What we do the month of December?

Elf on the Shelf: This year was the first year I bought an “Elf on the Shelf.” Temple is the perfect age to start this tradition, and we love it in our house. Each night we hide ‘Happy” (that’s what she named her elf!) and in the morning we all search for him. We try to get creative. For example, the other morning Happy was riding one of her horses in her playroom! This is just a fun thing for kids to look forward to when they wake up. Temple is so funny and wakes up saying, “Where’d Happy Go?”  The elf also comes with a book all about your Elf on the Shelf that we read her at night.

Advent Calendar: We actually didn’t do an Advent Calendar this year but it’s something I want to start next year! What a fun way to count down the days to Christmas. I want to get the kind that you can fill each day with a little treat or small toy.

What we do on Christmas Eve

Make a birthday cake as a family to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!! We will even light a candle and sing Happy Birthday! May sound silly but it’s a wonderful way to spend quality time as a family and for Temple to understand why we are celebrating Christmas. We plan to do this the afternoon of Christmas Eve since Christmas Day we have a lot going on. We will even leave cake out for Santa that night with a big cup of milk!

Christmas PJs! I love the idea of giving your kiddos new PJs the night before Christmas to wear to bed that night and wear while opening gifts the next morning. Makes for cute photos, too. 🙂

Christmas Morning

On the morning of Christmas, we will wake up, find ‘Happy’ our Elf on the Shelf, and then have a big family breakfast. We always try and say a prayer before we eat as a family so we will definitely do that.

Growing up, Caleb’s family read the Story of Christmas in the bible before opening presents. Temple is a bit young to sit through that story, so I bought this children’s book that shares the story of Christmas for us to read before opening gifts. So, after breakfast, we will sit in the living room and read our story before gifts!

We will take turns opening gifts one at a time so we can all see what we received and what we’ve gifted each other. We always start with our stockings!

We usually like to hide her big gift that Santa brought until the end to make for a special reveal. This year that will be this Doll House!

Another fun thing is to have holiday music playing from the moment you wake up!! 🙂

Something I want to do in the future when Temple is a little older is take her to a local food drive or find a way to give back and help those less fortunate than her during the holidays. We all love to spoil our little ones, but it’s important to show them how lucky they are in the process. I want her to know how blessed we are to have a loving family, a roof over our heads, food, and gifts to give. This is so important and such a great family tradition to remind us what the holidays are all about!

What are some of your family traditions?! I’d love to get other ideas!

9 thoughts on “Our Christmas Traditions”

  1. William and Sonoma has fresh croissant dough that you can order to be delivered frozen and my parents would always order it and we would make homemade croissants as part of our Christmas morning breakfast and it was so special and fun. Also Santa would always leave a penny in everyone’s stocking each year and we were always SO excited to come downstairs and empty out our stockings and count our pennies to make sure Santa came!!! My mom still does this, so this year I’ll be counting to make sure I have 23 pennies ☺️

  2. December 1st boxes. They open these on the 1st of December. There is always Christmas PJ’s so they can wear them the entire month, a Christmas coloring book and new crayons or markers, a snack, a plate or cup sometimes/depending, Christmas socks, and a Christmas book! It’s my favorite tradition! ????????????

  3. Starting around thanksgiving through Christmas we get a 500 piece or 1,000 piece puzzle and put it together as a family and once it’s done we glue it and frame it and write on the back who put it together, any special/specific memories that year, and date it! Then the next Christmas hang it up with the Christmas decorations and remember! Over the years we have so many amazing puzzles! Everyone loves to come over and look at them and read the back!

  4. Mada it sounds like you , Caleb and Temple will have a great Christmas. I wanted to share something that We did as the kids were growing up that worked well to keep the Santa thing in perspective. Santa always gave each child 3 gifts (that was all Jesus got!) one for their mind, one for their body and one for their soul. Mind was almost always a book but occasionally a pass to a museum. Body was typically clothes. And soul was the toy they wanted and as they got older it was often music or movies. All the big gifts came from dad and mom or their incredibly generous grandparents, aunts and uncles. Even as adults they will debate which gifts fall into those categories! This worked for us. We were fortunate never to suffer any really lean years but if we had the kids would have known that Santa treated them the same every year and that a smaller pile of gifts one year did not mean they had not been good.

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