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New Mama Luxury Push Gifts Ideas

A “Push Gift” may seem silly to some but its one of those things we see all the time now, and I am all about it! When you’re pregnant for a full nine months and have a baby, then I think your significant other should get you something nice… really nice! This list is for those luxury gift ideas for a new mama! I included mainly jewelry because that is something I think is worth spending the extra money on and can be worn on-the-reg. I am all about dainty jewelry and typically wear studs with a simple necklace and everyday rings. Below I’m sharing pieces I love or pieces I want in the future. Don’t worry; I’ll be sharing this post with my husband so he can start saving for a gift when baby #2 comes one day hehe!


Rimon Fine Jewelry Custom Name Ring: (As seen in the images above) This was my “Push Gift” when I had Temple. I wear this ring every day, and I always receive a lot of compliments. Rimon Jelwery ring quality is fantastic and worth the price since I legit always have it on.

Rimon Fine Jewelry Multiple Name Necklace: This is the same designer as my “Temple” ring. I think I will ask for this necklace when we have our next child so I can have both their names on it.

Lola James “Mini Squad Goals” Necklace: another custom name necklace that I love! It would be so cute for your first baby. I see a lot of fashion bloggers with this necklace, and it’s adorable.

Maya Brenner Dainty Initial Necklace: I have this necklace with a ‘T’ for Temple. What’s cool about the Maya Brenner necklace is that I can send back the necklace and they will add letters. This is a great gift for grandmas too- my mom has all the initials of her three grandkids on it.

David Urman Birthstone Ring or Cable Classic Bracelet: I’ve always loved the idea of getting a ring or bracelet with your child’s birthstone color. Could be cool to get their cable classic bracelet for each child and stack them with the different gemstone colors!

Zoe Rev Personalized Diamond Initial Ring: I am obsessed with this designer and these dainty initial rings. Could be so fun to have multiple of these for each kid.

Mini Amelia Stack Initial Rings: love these for stacking various letters.

Maya Brenner Mini Initial Earrings: I want these for when I have my next baby. I love stud earrings that I can keep in every day.

Tiny Tags Skinny Bar Necklace: I love all things Tiny Tags and adore this bar necklace! I also like this gold script necklace!

Massage & Facial: If jewelry isn’t your thing then a massage and facial could be a great postpartum gift. If you are in the Dallas area, I highly recommend Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary. Wendi will give you the most amazing organic customized facial! She has a beautiful spirit, and I always leave filling refreshed!

Fancy First Date: After Temple arrived, Caleb and I went on our first date away from her after about four to six weeks. I wanted sushi since I couldn’t have it while pregnant so we went to this super fancy spot in Dallas, Uchi. It is the absolute best and such a treat when we get to dine there. It is pricey but such a fun date that hubby can plan for you. It’s tough leaving baby for the first time, but when you go somewhere so amazing where the food keeps coming it makes it much easier!

Weekend Trip: Maybe instead of jewelry, you and your husband plan a little weekend getaway once the baby is a few months old or whenever you feel ready! It could be something you decide and somewhat plan so that you follow through with the trip. I know it is tough to leave your little one but it so good for your relationship. Plus, I think it’s important for baby to be around other people outside of Mom. They learn from an early age that they don’t always have to be with Mama. If you have parents that you can plan to watch baby then its a perfect time for them to bond.



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