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New Eaters (6+Months) Must-Have Items

It can be overwhelming to know what you need when it comes to feeding your baby. These are all the items that are my tried-and-trues! I used them from the start of feeding my daughter at 6-months and most I still use to this day, and she’s almost two! Reminder, I have a full blog post all about Feeding your little one! It includes signs that they are ready to start with baby-led weaning & baby-led purees, recipes we love, and more so make sure to check that out.

Quick Reminder on why I ALWAYS recommend waiting to feed baby until they are at least 6 months of age:

Baby should be fed breast milk or formula exclusively until at least 6-months. Breastmilk/formula has more calories than any vegetable, fruit or grain – so that’s what’s best for your LO in the beginning. Once they hit the 6-month mark, their digestive system is matured and ready for solid foods. You can read more about why this is the best age to consider solid foods in this article.

Even once six months have passed, and your baby is technically ready to start trying real food, it’s important to check for the Signs of Readiness

  1. Baby is at least 6 months old. 
  2. Baby should be able to sit up unassisted.
  3. Baby is starting to develop their pincer grasp, or the method they use to pick up food – or other objects – with their fingers. Practice makes perfect, so they will get better as they continue their food journey! Most 6-month-olds cannot pick up a small piece of food. That’s why it’s best to start with strips or fry-shaped foods first (more on that in my intro to food post).
  4. Baby is eager to participate. Does your baby grab at your food, or seem interested when you eat? If so, then your LO could be ready to start eating! So what are all the things to show they are ready for food?

I’m often asked, why no cereal before solids? After reading articles and talking with my pediatrician, I’ve determined the whole “rice cereal makes your baby fuller + a better sleeper” theory is a complete myth.  Introducing rice cereal before real food goes against the baby-led weaning method, so it’s just not for us! With BLW, you go straight to food- no traditional “baby food” necessary. Your LO’s main source of nutrition is breastmilk/formula for the first year anyway, so at this stage, food is about having fun, growing sensory development, and exploring textures and flavors!

Lastly, please please please consider an Infant CPR class before you begin feeding your child. We took one at a local YMCA. It only takes a few hours, and you learn so much!!



  • Tiny Cup– This is pretty much a small little shot glass! I believe in starting with an open cup from the very start. WHY? Promotes proper oral motor skills and is easier to transition off bottle down the road! We never did any sippy cups. Practice with 1-2oz. of water/day and look for cups with soft rim and small size!


  • Bapron– great to fully cover baby. It’s waterproof and organic.
  • Oxo Tot Silicone Bib– I would always take these when eating out. They roll-up easily in your diaper bag and catch all the extra food, so you make less of a mess.
  • I also just stripped my daughter down to just a diaper for most feedings the first few months.


  • Bowls are great to help your LO press things to the side of the bowl and more easily pick them up. You can place items directly on their high chair, but I do think the below two bowls are super helpful, and we still use them regularly at almost two years of age.
  • Avanchy Bamboo Bowl with Silicone Suction
  • EZPZ Mini Bowl

High Chair Mat:

  • I am so glad I purchased the Gathre Mini Mat. Food wipes right off, and they are beautiful!

High Chairs:

  • I have the Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair, and we loved it. I stopped using it after my daughter turned around 14 months and moved to a booster seat at the table. The Sprout high chair is super easy to clean!
  • Inglesina Table Chair– I LOVE this thing and recommend it to everyone. We took it everywhere when eating out the first year. It’s also great to bring when staying with family. It keeps baby supported when they are still a bit small. I found high chairs at restaurants weren’t the right size until after a year of age.

Other Misc. Favorites For New Eaters:

I hope these products become some of your favorites! Leave any comments with questions or products you’ve loved during the first few months of feeding your little one.



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