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My Pregnancy Supplements & Healthy Tips

So many of you wonderful ladies have asked me what I did to prepare for pregnancy. But, the question I get the most on this particular topic is about the supplements I took prior to and throughout my pregnancy.

I should start by stating the obvious – I am NOT a doctor and don’t recommend following my exact supplement regimen. This is just a guide full of things to consider and look out for on your healthy pregnancy journey.  I highly recommend working with a functional medicine doctor to figure out exactly what your body needs for optimal health. I worked with Dr. Naumes in Dallas when Caleb and I began trying to conceive.  I highly recommend her if your primary goal is conception or hormonal balance as her focus is on women’s health and fertility.

But – full transparency – Dr. Naumes is pricey! However, if you can make it work, she’s worth every penny.  Before visiting her I had a gut feeling my hormones were out of whack – I was having very light periods (sometimes none at all) and my skin was breaking out even though I was eating super clean. I’m a bit OCD and wanted to get everything figured out ASAP before trying to conceive.

Now, since having Temple, I work with a new functional medicine doctor –Dr. O’Brien, – at Complete Health and Wellness. I have nothing but amazing things to say about her practice, and think she could also be a great guide through your pregnancy. Her practice isn’t quite as pricey and is a bit more convenient. They do blood work in-house, offer chiropractic care, and perform muscle testing with your supplements. She also offers Emotion Code therapy, which is something I’m personally seeing amazing results from. I’ll share more about my experience with that later, but in the meantime, check out this site!

Before I dive into the supplements I took pre-pregnancy, here’s a quick reminder that I wrote a full fertility post with tons of additional details on increasing your chances at contraception! A lot of these recommendations came directly from my naturopath, so make sure to check those out.

Ok now – SUPPLEMENTS! The supplements + lifestyle changes below helped me achieve a successful and healthy pregnancy. In fact, after we worked with Dr. Naumes for only three months, we conceived!  Notice the “we” here – it takes two to tango! Caleb worked with her, too. She checked his Vitamin D levels (men with low Vit D have lower sperm morphology), and she tested him for MTHFR. She got him on a great supplement plan which he still follows for the most part.

My goal when I began working with Dr. Naumes was to raise my post-ovulatory progesterone. After ovulation, your progesterone should rise, but this is where I was struggling. My levels were pretty low, and you can not maintain or hold a pregnancy with low progesterone. Our other primary objectives were finding ways to counteract my MTHFR (this was the first thing she tested me for – it can be a huge factor in conception) and maintaining healthy Vitamin D levels. She also wanted me to be SUPER CONSISTENT with taking my temperature to track ovulation. I used the Kindara Wink which has a tracking app attached. NOTE: These supplements/dosages changed throughout my pregnancy as I worked with my naturopath and saw how my body was responding. I took all of them with food and always before 2:00 pm unless specified otherwise.


Pre-Pregnancy Supplement Plan 

*I was on this plan for about three months while we were trying to conceive. Check out my fertility post to see all the other things I was doing when trying to conceive.

  • B-Complex #6 1/day morning
    • For B vitamin balance.
    • Also supports PMS symptoms.
  • Probiotic (store in fridge)- 1/day morning
    • I switch my probiotic every time I run out. That way, you are getting different strands. Thorne Floramend, ProFlora and Klaire Labs are other probiotic brands I like to take.
    • Help balance good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help our digestive systems work properly. Gut health is very important!
  • Thorne Basic Prenatal 2/day lunch
    • Contains the active form of folate and Vit B-12, which is SO important, especially if you have MTHFR.
    • No additives. I still take these to help support breastfeeding.
    • When shopping for a prenatal, make sure it always contains folate and NOT folic acid. Here’s a great article about the difference between the two if you want to read more on this!
  • Pure Omega Ultra HP 3 daily (store in fridge) lunch
    • These are for your Omega 3 fatty acids.
    • When shopping for fish oil- try to find one with sustainable, wild-caught fish.
  • Thorne Vitamin D 5k 1 daily lunch
    • So crucial to conception. Again, I recommend getting blood work done to see where your Vit D levels are.
    • Vital for fetal development. I did blood work for this and was deficient, so we started this supplement immediately.
  • Organic Chlorella– 3/day morning
    • For added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
    • Can improve digestion and “good” bacteria in the gut.
  • Pure Chaste Tree 2/day post-ovulation (post temperature rise)
    • Took this to aid in raising progesterone levels post-ovulation.
    • I would take it after ovulation until I started the next cycle. Then, I would stop taking them until the next ovulation/temperature rise.
    • I also love taking this when needed to relieve menstrual cramps!
  • Methyl-Guard 1/day morning
    • I began taking this once I found out I had a form of MTHFR Gene Mutation. It supports methylation and helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels.
  • Thorne Magnesium Citramate– 2 nightly
    • Most people are deficient in magnesium. My trainer even says this is a MUST for our bones and muscles.
  • Perfusia– once daily morning
    • Started to take these to help thicken endometrial lining for three days of bright red bleeding. I was showing signs of PCOS because I was having a very light period.
    • This is something I definitely do not recommend unless you are working with a functional medicine doctor and they find you need it.
  • Cysteplus– 2 daily (Thorne NAC)
    • May help improve ovarian function in PCOS patients.
    • NAC enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces testosterone (from blood work I found I had high levels of testosterone so this helped lower that).

1st Trimester Notes and Supplement Plan

  1. Critical to take it easy and rest when you are tired. Take naps and take it slow! Drink lots of water away from meals.
  2. If nauseous- eat small meals throughout the day, including plenty of protein
  3. Drink 2 quarts of water daily
  4. Regular chiropractic care
  5. Drink homemade bone broth a few times a week or daily! Helps with nausea and so good for you and baby!
  6. Avoid MSG, artificial sweeteners, additives, sodas, vegetable oils, trans fats, BPA, aluminum, HFCS, chemicals in detergents and personal care products. All of these are toxic to the body and can transfer to the baby. The fetus is especially vulnerable during the first trimester to these chemicals!
  • B-Complex #6- 1 daily morning
  • Probiotic- 1 daily (I was switching each time a bottle would run out- the list of my favorites is above)
  • Pure Omega ultra HP- 3 daily morning
  • Thorne Vitamin D 5k- 1 daily lunch
  • Chlorella- 3 daily morning
  • Thorne Basic Prenatal- 2 daily lunch
  • Methyl-Guard- 1 daily morning
  • Thorne Magnesium Citramate- 2 nightly
  • Pre-pregnancy supplements I STOPPED taking once I became pregnant:  Perfusia and Cysteplus

2nd Trimester Notes and Supplement Plan

  1. Drink 2 quarts water daily
  2. Sit in forward leaning position or get a ball to sit on at work
  3. Receive regular chiropractic adjustments
  4. Avoid negative birth language! If people are starting to share their horror stories or judge your birth plan, then you may need to express that you do not want that negativity around your pregnancy.
  5. Add 350 extra calories per day
  6. Emphasize foods with calcium to help baby’s bones develop correctly. Think full-fat, grass-fed dairy, leafy greens, and (cooked) seafood.
  7. Eat unrefined complex carbs- winter squash, yams, potatoes, rice, gluten-free grains, and lots of veggies.
  8. Eat omega-3 fatty acids- pasture raised eggs, and wild caught fish to help baby’s brain development.
  9. Talk to baby!  We loved to read books to Temple at night!
  • Probiotic- 1 daily (I was switching each time a bottle would run out- the list of my favorites are above)
  • Pure Omega ultra HP- 3 daily morning
  • Thorne Vitamin D 5k- 1 daily lunch
  • Chlorella- 3 daily morning
  • Thorne Basic Prenatal- 2 daily lunch
  • Methyl-Guard- 1 daily morning
  • Thorne Magnesium Citramate- 2 nightly

3rd Trimester Notes and Supplement Plan

  1. Plenty protein, calcium, and iron to support your baby’s rapid growth
  2. Eat small meals, with largest meal midday, to combat heartburn
  3. If sleep is interrupted, take naps and rest as much as you can throughout the day
  4. chiropractic adjustments and prenatal massages
  5. Sit in lean forward positions
  6. Talk to baby! 🙂
  7. Make sure your birth plan is ready! Frozen meals for after baby, logistics to hospital/birth center, birth bags ready (read my post on what we packed here), prepared for breastfeeding (read that post here)
  8. Have a positive attitude and know you are prepared to give birth! Let go of any fear.
  • Probiotic- 1 daily (I was switching each time a bottle would run out- the list of my favorites is above)
  • Pure Omega ultra HP- 3 daily morning
  • Thorne Vitamin D 5k- 1 daily lunch
  • Chlorella- 3 daily morning
  • Thorne Basic Prenatal- 2 daily at lunch
  • Methyl-Guard- 1 daily morning
  • Thorne Magnesium Citramate- 2 nightly
  • Thorne Vitamin C– 1 scoop a few times a week


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