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Maternity Must-Haves

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Let’s be honest – maternity style is never easy to pull off and usually the clothes are no fun. Plus, no one wants to break the bank for clothes they’ll wear for less than 9 months. That’s why I found pieces that I loved and made them wardrobe staples that I wore on repeat!

My absolute favorite thing is item#5, pictured above.  It’s not technically a maternity dress, but the ruching on the side is perfect for a growing belly.  It was beyond flattering throughout my entire pregnancy – so much so that I bought it in three colors!  Plus, it’s a great transitional dress that you can wear during any season. Once fall hit, I just threw on a long cardigan or a flannel!  At this point, my husband probably wants to burn this dress – I wore it THAT much. Honestly, when you find something that works with the bump, you rock it all day every day!

My other top pick is #7.  Comfort is key when prego and these sneakers work with everything!

These are just the pieces that worked for me, but I hope this gives all you pregnant mamas some style inspiration!!  A lot of these items will even work postpartum, so they’re definitely worth the investment – especially the Rails flannels, cozy PJ set and the sneakers.

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