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Mada’s Podcast Favorites

I’ve been on a MAJOR podcast kick the past few months. I feel like I go in waves when it comes to listening, and now I’m wondering why I ever stopped!!! They make car rides so much better! Lately, I try to find reasons for Temple and I to get out and about so that I have an excuse to listen.

I’m always particularly drawn to a good true crime podcast, but enjoy a little bit of everything!! My favorite health podcast is Wellness Mama. I feel like I learn so many different things from her and all her guests. For parenting advice,  Unruffled is my go-to, especially for tips on disciplining a toddler. Temple is inching closer and closer to her “terrible twos,” so I’ll take all the help I can get!

Below I’ve compiled a list of all my favorites, plus ones y’all recommended via Instagram. Please leave a comment if you have any other good recs! I’m burning through these super quickly these days, so I’m always looking to subscribe to something new. *A special shoutout to one of my besties, Haley, for getting me hooked on all these amazing podcasts! She is the podcast queen and told me about most of these!

I also included a few of my husband’s absolute favorites. He is in commercial real estate and investments, so they gear to the business-focused podcasts.

True Crime Favorites:

  • Up and Vanished There are two seasons of this one, featuring two different un-cracked missing person cases. I have only listened to the first season, and have heard it’s WAY better than the second. Developments in the case were literally being made as they podcasted – it’s crazy!
  • Over My Dead Body– I just finished this one and LOVED it. Wild real-life family drama that is so next level.
  • Dirty John– You’ve probably heard all about this one because it was recently made into a Bravo TV show! Even if you watched the show, I’d recommend listening. The podcast is much better IMO.
  • Dr. Death Craziest story about a surgeon that became notorious for botching cases for years. The scariest part is, it took place in Dallas!!
  • S-Town– This one is hard even to describe, but I couldn’t stop listening. Just trust me!
  • To Live and Die in LA– I’m currently listening to this one and am absolutely hooked. A beautiful young actress in LA goes missing, and her boyfriend is looking really suspicious!
  • The Shrink Next Door– This one isn’t really scary. It’s more of a psychological thriller about a man who’s therapist essentially takes over his life.
  • Serial- I think the first of the three seasons was one of the first ever true crime podcasts, and it really started the trend. Like in Up and Vanished, revelations made on the podcast actually affect the case in real life, which I find super fascinating!
  • Someone Knows Something– There are multiple seasons of this podcast, too! Highly recommend.

True Crime “To-Listen” List:

Lifestyle Favorites:

  • Skinny Confidential Him and Her Husband & Wife podcast that’s always a good laugh and covers tons of topics!
  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard – Dax is an actor you might know best as Kristen Bell’s hubby! He gets super deep with lots of A-List celebs. Loved the Mila Kunis and Gweneth Paltrow episodes!
  • Wellness Mama– I learn so much from this podcast. It covers health-related topics like real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, and natural living.
  • The Influencer Podcast-This is ideal for “influencers” and content creators looking for tips & tricks of the trade.  
  • The Morning Toast Two hilarious sisters with a daily podcast that covers pop culture news. Beware: a little cult-ish with a very loyal following of “Toasters.” So, lots of inside jokes you may not get in the beginning, but stick with it! (one of the sisters is @GirlWithNoJob on Instagram – there’s a good chance you already follow her!)
  • Janet Lansbury Unruffled
  • Non-Toxic Pursuits
  • Gurl Gone Green

Lifestyle “To-Listen” List:

Storytelling “To-Listen” List: 

  • Modern Love – Based on a New York Times column where real people submit essays on love, which are then read on the podcast by celebs. Some are super deep, and others are really funny!
  • The Moment – Couples tell their out-there engagement stories (the one teased in the trailer features Taylor Swift!!)
  • The Moth – An OG storytelling podcast. If you watched the show Girls, The Moth is featured in an episode in the last season where Hannah takes part in one of their events!

Caleb’s Absolute Favorite Podcast:

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