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Home & Kitchen Appliance Gift Guide 2018

So Well Salt Lamp: on SALE through 11/26. The only brand salt lamp I will buy. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps, like So Well, have lots of benefits such as helping clear allergens and improve air quality. We use the large salt lamp as Temple’s nightlight. The image at the top of the post!

Sonos One Speaker: Currently $25 for the Sonos One. My husband always says he would be on a Sonos commercial haha. We are BIG fans of Sonos. The speakers aren’t bulky and super easy to sync with phones via their app — great gift idea for the guys in your life.

Nespresso VertuoPlus with Frother: Currently on serious sale + free shipping with code: FREESHIP. I have the De’Longhi one when you click the link. This is our newest OBSESSION! We bought one last week cause William Sonoma has a fantastic sale! If you’ve been considering one then now is the time to go for it! We have the VertuoPlus which makes coffee, espresso, and double espressos. I recommend getting the one with the frother included- it froths/warms your milk! Again, I am very very very obsessed with mine. haha

Berkey Water Filter and Berkey Wood Stand: the BEST filtered water. I love my Berkey and the stand that I found on Amazon. I get tons of questions about this stand on Instagram! I have the Big Berkey, but I would have bought the Royal Berkey (it’s a little bit bigger) if I were to do it over again. Just read each of their size options info to decide what size is best for your family.

Dyson Cordless Vaccum: on SALE and I would seriously be lost without this vacuum! I’ve had mine for about four years now, and it’s the best for quick clean ups!

Simple Human Step Can Recycler: I’m obsessed with our new trashcan. I’d wanted something that I could quickly throw trash and recycling inside, so this is perfect. Bonus, it’s not hideous and looks nice in our kitchen!

Ballarini Pans: the BEST nonstick pans that won’t break the bank. I never use the super fancy pans I registered for our wedding, things seem to always stick to the bottom. I’ve never had that issue with the Ballarini pans. Highly highly recommend these for any cooks in your life!

Grill Steam Brush: Caleb uses this to clean our grill. He has so much fun when he does it, and says it works! Great gift for the guys.

Vitamix Blender: on major SALE! I’ve had this blender since college (like six years now), and I’ve never had any issues!

Prep and Serve Trays: such a great invention haha! You put raw food on one tray and then after you use the other stacked tray for cooked meats. We use ours all the time when grilling! One less trip that I have to do for a clean plate.

Glass Storage Containers: I try and make an effort to reduce my plastic use. These glass containers are a great option to reduce the plastic use in your home slowly! I have this exact pack and use them all the time, and they’re still in great shape.

Vitruvi Diffuser: 30% off right now! My FAVORITE diffuser! Would make a great gift paired with some essential oils for them to diffuse! The Christmas Spirit essential oil is my favorite this time of year. I diffuse it every day!

Breville Juicer: on MAJOR SALE at William Sonoma and even cheaper on Amazon!! This is the exact juicer I have had for about six years now and loved it. The clean up isn’t bad at all!

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan: I love this grill pan for when I don’t want to fire up the outside grill. I cook chicken on the stove, and it gets those gorgeous grill marks!

Other Appliances/ Kitchen Accessories that would make a great gift or Stocking Stuffer:

Home Composter: On my wishlist! It’s on sale via Amazon and their website! I want to start composting at home, and This one looks nice, has great reviews, and isn’t too large!  I might take the plunge and order one today! I really hate wasting all those scraps and love the idea of using them as soil for my plants.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock– on sale! The light slowly brightens to wake you up gradually. My husband uses this every morning!

Instant Pot- 30% off! I have the 6 quart and use it all. the. time.

Emersion Blender–  I use mine a lot! Great for blending soups and potatoes on the stove. A lot easier than transferring to your blender every time!

Record Player– this is the record player we have and I can’t recommend it enough! It looks super sleek, and it connects to your speakers for surround a surround sound experience. We always have our record player on when entertaining – we love having our guests pick out the next vinyl. I feel like any dad would be so excited to get a record player with a few vinyls that they listened to growing up. Can’t go wrong with this gift!

Donut Baking Pan 

Silicone Baking Muffin 

Glass Straws

Short Silicone Straws for Coffee Mugs

Weck Mold Jars -I have the 27.5 ounces and LOVE them. I use them for drinking water, smoothies, and store all my fresh herbs filled with fresh Berkey filtered water in my weck jars in the fridge! This helps your herbs stay fresher longer!

Stasher Bags

Glass cup with straw

Reusable Produce Bags

Le Creuset Dutch Oven– on SALE! If you don’t have a dutch oven then now is the time to buy one. They are on sale and I love cooking with mine. My favorite recipe to use mine is my sisters Lemon Chicken. It’s actually my favorite meal!

Nest Thermostat Okay, I love this thing! We actually have two of them in our house now. The thermostat connects to an app so you can change the temperature without even getting out of bed! After a while, it starts to recognize the temperatures you like and when you like them. This helps you save energy, which means you save MONEY. What guy doesn’t like that??

Handheld Milk Frother– This would be a good gift for a college student or to have at work!


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