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URSA Major NO BS Deodorant & Shaving Cream

Kypris Pot of Shade- the nontoxic SPF face lotion Caleb and I both use daily on our face! We’re obsessed with this SPF.

Best Made Leather Case | AG Tellis Jeans | Maroon Sweater  | Frye Boots 

My husband, Caleb, set down with me and helped create the ultimate gift guide for the men in your life! These are all things he owns and uses regularly! There seriously isn’t one thing on here that isn’t Caleb picked and approved. Truthfully, I get a lot of credit for gifting him some of these things in the past, but he loves them all. Caleb is so funny and was very serious about us only including the best items! Hope this helps you shop for your guys- I know how tough shopping for them can be!

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  1. Leatherman Micra: Caleb keeps this in his back pocket ALL THE TIME. He loves pulling this gadget out and cutting things, etc. haha Men are so weird, but it would be a great stocking stuffer, and it’s on SALE!
  2. Yeti Mug: I realize the Yeti mug is on like all of my gift guides, haha but it’s just the perfect gift! Caleb and I use ours daily- I love the forest green color for guys.
  3. Frye Boots: Caleb’s new obsession. These boots are freaking amazing, and the quality and comfort is next level. Yes, they are pricier, but Caleb wears his a ton! Size down half a size. PS- Frye is having a great Cyber Monday deal so check them out. I have this pair, and I love them!
  4. Best Made Document/Ipad Case: probably my #1 pick from this gift guide. As you can see in the pictures above, Caleb uses this leather case to store his notebook, pens, and iPad for work. He takes this with him every day, and he says people are always asking him about the case. As it ages, it gets even better looking with a little weathering!
  5. URSA Major No BS Deodorant: On sale via URSA Major site and available here. This is the nontoxic deodorant that we both use. It’s great for sensitive pits and works!! My absolute favorite nontoxic deodorant- great stocking stuffer. I have a 15% discount code on all URSA Major products. Just use code: MADALEIGH15 (expires December 31)
  6. Filson Apron: My other top pick from this list! Caleb loves whipping out a manly apron. I can tell he feels so cool when he’s wearing this and grilling for a crowd! Any grill master will be pumped about this apron. I totally see this as a gift for Dad!
  7. Stetson Stratoliner: If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my husband loves this hat! He has it in the tan and dark brown color.
  8. Mizzen & Main: Caleb’s absolute favorite button downs. Truthfully, these are the only button downs he wears to work! Right now they have an AMAZING SALE for 2 for $200 with code 2for200 and free shipping. These shirts have a stretchy fabric, machine washable, and you never have to iron them! I know… what?! Seriously though they are the best shirts.
  9. Caleb’s Favorite Books: Boys Will Be Boys, Never Eat Alone, The Fish That Ate the Whale, and Miracle Morning. Caleb loves to read, and these are the three books he highly recommends.
  10. Bowflex: I know this is kinda random and it makes me laugh- it seems very “as seen on TV,” but we love our Bowflex weights! Don’t have to buy a bunch of different sizes since you click it to the weight you want to lift. Caleb keeps these in the garage and works out each morning with them, and I use them when I do BBG from home!
  11. URSA Major Shaving Cream: on sale via URSA Major right and available here (use code: Madaleigh15 for 15% off) and here. We both use this nontoxic shaving cream and love it — great stocking stuffer. I have a 15% discount code on all URSA Major products. Just use code: MADALEIGH15 (expires December 31)
  12. Sabah’s Slippers: they have a storefront here in Dallas, so you see a lot of guys wearing these Turkish inspired slippers around town! Caleb has an orange pair; they are super comfortable and fun! I love the Forth Worth Brown color and plan to hit up the Dallas store to buy those for Caleb.
  13. Filson Down Cruiser Jacket: a super warm jacket that Caleb loves. He got this last year for Christmas and still wears it all the time.
  14. AG Tellis Modern Slim Stretch Jeans: Caleb’s favorite jean style- he’s wearing this green pair in the pictures above. They are slim fit but not overly slim (Caleb has a very sporty built body, so super slim doesn’t work on him.) He has these in almost every color! It’s like the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” hahaha Fit TTS, Caleb is a 34×34 for reference.
  15. Kypris Pot of Shade SPF Lotion: our absolute favorite SPF face lotion- worth every penny. Caleb is obsessed with this stuff and makes me order like three at a time cause he hates when we run out. Haha SPF on you and your man’s face is super important! Could be a gift for both of you to share!
  16. 10.5 inch Ipad: the iPad Caleb has and uses daily. He reads the newspaper on it each morning and loves the large screen. He brings this with him for work and pulls up maps when he is showing land to clients.

A few other favorite gift ideas:

Caleb owns most of the items below. These are all his favorite things or on his wishlist!

Del Toro Shoes: Caleb has this pair (ON SALE and image below.)  He also has the black velvet slippers and wears them with his tux- Del Toro is one of his favorite shoe brands.


Hudson London Boots: another favorite brand. Caleb has this pair (on MAJOR SALE and image below.)

Record Player– this is the record player we have and I can’t recommend it enough! It looks super sleek, and it connects to your speakers for surround a surround sound experience. We always have our record player on when entertaining – we love having our guests pick out the next vinyl. I feel like any dad would be so excited to get a record player with a few vinyls that they listened to growing up. Can’t go wrong with this gift!

Powerbeats Wireless In-Ear Headphones If you work out, you know wireless headphones are a game changer. Caleb and I both have a pair of these Bluetooth headphones, and they’re by far the best either of us have tried.

Nest Thermostat Okay, I love this thing! We actually have two of them in our house now. The thermostat connects to an app so you can change the temperature without even getting out of bed! After a while, it starts to recognize the temperatures you like and when you like them. This helps you save energy, which means you save MONEY. What guy doesn’t like that??

Understanding the Universe– if your dad/spouse isn’t a big reader, this is the perfect book for him. It’s filled with infographics about anything you can imagine. We have it and people love looking at it when they come over.

Favorite Sweaters, Jackets, and Tops


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Favorite Shoes

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Favorites Jeans and Joggers

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