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Gender Prediction Wives’ Tales

The Gender Ring Test

The gender prediction wives’ tales are so so silly, but they are fun!! I figured why not give them all a shot and see if boy or girl gets more votes. Did you find that these wives’ tales were true when predicting the gender of your baby?! Comment and let me know!! And if I’m missing any tests, then please include those so I can try those out this week.

We have our anatomy sonogram tomorrow, but we won’t have them tell us there. We will have the sonographer write down the gender and put it in an envelope. Then, we will find out during a small gender reveal party this Friday. I can’t freaking wait!!!! I’ve had some of you ask if I have a feeling of boy or girl. If I had to guess, then I am going with boy but only because I felt different this first trimester. Truthfully, I have no idea!!! Either way, I am beyond excited and feel so so blessed. A healthy baby is the most important!

Gender Prediction Kit

  • BOY
  • You can find these on Amazon, and I’m sure they are super accurate, haha. NOT! Mine was confusing and came out like a turquoise color. It’s either green for a girl or blue for a boy (image below.) I guess mine came out more blue, which means boy.

Ring Test

  • BOY.
  • Here is the Youtube video I followed because there are a few different ways you can do the ring test. The one I did gives you all the kids you will have. It says I will have a BOY. Total it gave me- girl, boy, boy and then we will be done having kids.
  • If you do the ring test, then circles means girl, and swinging back and forth means boy.
  • Check out my IGTV to see me doing this test!

Chinese Calendar

  • BOY.
  • I used The Bump Chinese calendar.

Mixing Baking Soda With Urine

  • I know this is gross, but apparently, if you mix equals part of baking soda and urine, it can predict if you are having a boy or girl. If it fizzes when mixed, then that means boy. If it remains the same, then a girl.
  • Mine did not fizz- GIRL.

Craving Sweet or Salty

  • If craving sweets, it’s a girl. Savory, it’s a boy.
  • The first trimester I craved more sweets than usual- GIRL.


  • OH YA, BAD!! They say if you have breakouts, then it’s a GIRL.

Carrying high or low

  • It is said if you are carrying low, its a boy. If carrying high, girl.
  • I think I’m carrying lower this pregnancy, but it’s honestly hard for me to tell. I guess I’ll go with BOY for this one.


  • If you are nauseous, then they say it’s a girl.
  • I had nausea during the first trimester- GIRL.

Heartbeat rate

  • A heart rate of over 140 bpm indicates a girl, and if it’s below 140 bpm, it indicates a boy.
  • Always lower (around 135-145 bpm)- BOY.

Mood Changes

  • If you are moodier than normal, it is said you may be having a girl.
  • I don’t feel my mood has changed- BOY.


  • If your hair has gained volume, looks lustrous, then they say it’s a boy. Dull, thin hair is said to be a girl.
  • Mine is full and healthy- BOY.


  • If you have a lot of heartburn, then they say girl. Heartburn is also linked to the baby having a lot of hair.
  • I don’t have heartburn- BOY.

Cold Feet

  • It is said if feet are always chilly, then it could be a boy.
  • Mine seem to be cold- BOY.

Pencil Test

  • Okay, this is the only one I haven’t done. I had a few of you message me about it, and I had never heard of this one. You have to have a pencil, thread, and needle for this one, so I am going to run-up to the store after Temple’s nap to get the thread and needle. Once I try this one, I will come back and add the results + share it on Instagram stories!

RESULTS: 9 for BOY and 4 for GIRL

Stay tuned on my Instagram Friday, where I will share our Gender Reveal!!!


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