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Favorite Quarantine Activities & Purchases For My Two-Year-Old

These are weird times we’re living in right now. It’s crazy cause a week after I had my second daughter, Bobbie, the stay-at-home rule went in place here in Dallas. Staying at home wasn’t horrible for us since you’re home with a newborn anyway, but not seeing all our family and friends and getting that extra support was hard. Taking care of a newborn is all-consuming, but then add a toddler into the mix! Temple is such a wonderful little girl, but she also requires a lot of attention, especially with all the changes of a new little sister. She will play great by herself, but we have to help set her up in an activity, especially the ones that are education-based. 

We have gotten creative since COVID quarantine began, and her half-day school program had to close for the school year. Below I’ve listed all of our purchases, activities we regularly do, etc. I hope some of these things can help change up your routine at home! Please comment and let me know of any games, products, or activities you are doing with your littles!

Quarantine Purchases for Outdoor

  • Blow-Up PoolSo many of you have this blow-up toy, too. I was hesitant about this purchase, but it has been so much fun for Temple since she cannot swim on her own yet.
  • Sand and Water TableI wanted a pretty water table that was aesthetically pleasing when we sit out in our backyard. I love that this one has the wood top that doubles as a tabletop.
    • Sea Creatures I purchased these to go in the sand/water table.
    • Water Beadsthese are great to put in your water table. Be careful if your little likes to put things in their mouth because these could be a hazard.
  • Kids Trampoline- a hand-me-down from my sister and Temple has a blast on this thing!
  • Playhouseyep, we gave in and bought a playhouse! Temple loves it, and we plan to paint it at some point for another activity. I love the idea of painting it to match our house. We have a bright orange front door, so that would be so cute!

Random Purchases

Craft Specific Purchases

I highly recommend you follow Days with Grey and Busy Toddler on Instagram. They both use a lot of the products below for activities. I also purchased Days with Grey Breakfast Cards, and the products below were made specifically for those activities.

Random Activities We love and do often

  • Morning and afternoon walks
  • Gardening- we have this kit, and Temple loves to help water plants, pull weeds, etc.
  • Look for bugs outside- we just walk up and down the street searching for rolly-pollies, haha.
  • Swimming in our pool or Temple’s new blow-up pool
  • Family picnic and eating outside. Sometimes simply having a meal outside while Temple can play is just what she needs to change up the daily routine.
  • Popsicle baths- I will treat Temple to taking a bath with a popsicle or frozen smoothie, and she loves it so so much!
  • Bathing our dolls or dinosaurs- I think I found this idea via Busy Toddler. I add soup to Temple’s sink, and she uses a sponge to wash her baby doll or mini dinosaurs. I even get them “dirty” first with her bath crayons so that she has something to scrub them.
  • Hide the animals- I have these Melissa and Doug animals, and I stick them around the house with painters tape and have Temple hunt for them!
  • Bake and help cook- Temple loves hanging in her kitchen helper and helping mama cook. We especially love to bake muffins, etc. so that she can lick the spoon and quickly add the ingredients to the bowl.
  • Workout with mama- the past few weeks, I will do a quick 20-minute workout during Bobbie’s nap and let Temple join me! She thinks it’s pretty funny to watch me workout and occasionally attempt to copy. It’s a great way to get your little outside and moving their body.
  • I use our big white paper and tape it to the coffee table and create random activities. I get a lot of ideas through Busy Toddler and Days with Grey. We love color sorting with our pom-poms, or I’ll just draw a dinosaur or horse and have your color with her markers!
  • Chalk and Bubble Machine 

Ipad Apps We Use

A typical Schedule for Temple at Two-Years-Old

We started a no TV until after nap rule. This is more work for me but helps to exhaust her before naptime. We also moved Temple’s nap up to 1pm, and she is sleeping much better. I think she was getting a bit overtired when she was going down at 1:30pm.

  • 7am: Wake up for the day and use potty.
  • 7:30am: breakfast. Temple helps clean up after she eats. Then we make the beds and change our clothes for the day.
  • 8-10am: playtime
  • 10am: Snacktime
  • 10:30-12pm: More Playtime
  • 12-12:30pm: Lunch
  • 1:00pm: Nap time
  • 3-3:30pm: Typically wakes up from nap around this time.
  • 4pm: Snack time
  • 4-6pm: playtime. I’ll let her watch a movie or play one of the app games if she wants!
  • 6-6:30pm: Dinner time
  • 6:30-7:30pm: Bedtime routine. Take a bath or shower, change, brush hair and teeth, read book, sometimes lays in “mommy daddy bed” and watches like 15 minutes of a movie, bedtime!

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