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Father’s Day Gift Guide


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1. Hydroflask– this hydroflask is the ultimate water bottle. It keeps water cold during your workout and holds 40 ounces. It also keeps your hot drinks warm, so your dad could use it for his morning coffee or tea, too.

2. Record Player this is the record player we have and I can’t recommend it enough! It looks super sleek, and it connects to your speakers for surround a surround sound experience. We always have our record player on when entertaining – we love having our guests pick out the next vinyl. I feel like any dad would be so excited to get a record player with a few vinyls that they listened to growing up. Can’t go wrong with this gift!

3. Stetson Stratoliner– I’m sure you’ve seen Caleb wearing this hat some photos on my Instagram. This style Stetson seriously looks good on everyone. If you have a father in your life that loves a good hat, this one is a winner!

4. Powerbeats Wireless In-Ear Headphones– If you work out, you know wireless headphones are a game changer. Caleb and I both have a pair of these Bluetooth headphones, and they’re by far the best either of us have tried. I’ve had no issues with mine and recommend them for any fit father in your life.

5. Yeti Coffee Mug– Caleb and I drink our coffee in these EVERY morning. They keep your coffee (or whatever you are drinking) hot for hours.

6. Del Toro Loafers– Del Toro makes amazing shoes. Caleb has had a pair of their loafers for years and loves them- great quality.

7. The Fish that Ate the Whale– Caleb’s favorite book that he gifts to all his friends. A great one for the dads that are hard to shop for!

8. URSA Major Face Wash– All things Ursa Major are amazing and non-toxic. This line keeps it simple with the ingredients, so your dad and/or husband is sure to love it. Gotta keep the guys’ skin looking fresh!

9. Nest Thermostat Okay, I love this thing! We actually have two of them in our house now. The thermostat connects to an app so you can change the temperature without even getting out of bed! After a while, it starts to recognize the temperatures you like and when you like them. This helps you save energy, which means you save MONEY. What dad doesn’t like that??

10. Understanding the Universe if your dad/spouse isn’t a big reader, this is the perfect book for him. It’s filled with infographics about anything you can imagine. We have it and people love looking at it when they come over.

11. Best Made Large Document Case– my husband uses this every day to store his documents, iPad, notebook and pens for work. He always gets asked where it’s from. It’s a little pricier, but could be a great option if you’re splitting your dad’s gift with your siblings. It’s so worth it!

12. Leon Bridges Vinyl would be great to get in combination with the record player. Men at any age love Leon Bridges and this record sounds so good on vinyl.

13. Adidas my husband has this exact pair and wears them all the time. They look stylish with jeans but they are also awesome for working out. I think this pair works for dads of all ages.

14. AG Tellis Slim Straight Pants– Caleb has a few pairs of this AG Jeans style. They have a nice stretch but are a nice slim fit cut -can’t recommend them enough!


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