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Celery Juice Review

There is always some big health trend everyone is talking about. It’s hard to know what actually works, and if it’s worth adding to your daily routine. That’s where I come in!! Just think of me as your #HumanGuineaPig, haha. Each month (or so) I am going to try a new popular health trend and put it to the test!! First up, CELERY JUICING!

I have been following the Medical Medium on Instagram for some time now, but until recently, I hadn’t done a deep dive into his posts or research. But, when I started seeing several of the health influencers I follow drinking celery every day based on his books, I was intrigued! So, I did a little reading on his site and decided right then to give this trend a shot!

Williams, in Medical Medium, says celery juice, “is one of the most powerful and healing juices we can drink. Just 16 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week.”

According to his research, the benefits of celery are endless and are only intensified when the veggie is juiced. Calming inflammation, healing chronic illnesses, magical mineral salts, lowering of cholesterol, preventing digestive issues, just to name a few!  If I’m starting to get your attention, I HIGHLY recommend reading his full article here.

Before I dive into my experience with celery juice so far, just want to state the obvious: We are all different!!! But one thing is definitely the same… Every day, our bodies are sending us signals about what is going on with our gut and immune health through our hair, skin, inflammation, sleep, energy, cravings, etc. Our goal as individuals should be to find out what OUR body is telling us and listen intuitively to see what it needs. My experience with celery juice will not be the same as yours. My goal is to help nourish my body with the best food possible, and to live as much of a nontoxic lifestyle as possible. With celery juice, I am cleaning my body up from the inside out!

“Celery juice is teeming with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This means it’s highly beneficial for people who suffer from chronic and mystery illnesses, including conditions labeled ‘autoimmune.’ Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), Lyme disease, migraines, vertigo, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, lupus, Guillain-Barré syndrome, sarcoidosis, Raynaud’s syndrome, Ménière’s disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gout, bursitis, bloating, intestinal cramping, distention, acid reflux, vertigo, constipation, restless leg syndrome, tingles, numbness—all of these symptoms and illnesses are mysteries to medical communities, even though they have names. Their true causes are not yet known by medical research and science.”- Medical Medium

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So what exactly do you do?

Upon waking, you juice a full head of celery, which makes about 12-16oz. This should be the FIRST thing you consume or drink.

On Sundays, I’ve been buying about 7-10 heads of celery to last the entire week (some days Caleb joins me). The Whole Foods employees must think I’m crazy at check-out!!

I do NOT combine my celery juice with any other veggies or fruit, with the exception of a little squeeze of lemon to help with the bitterness. I love the taste of celery, so this isn’t a hard healthy habit to implement into my morning routine.

How do you make it?

I use this juicer that I’ve had since college and highly recommend- I love that it’s not bulky and it’s easy to clean.

I rinse a full head of celery with water each morning. Then, I chop the ends off the bottom, but I do NOT remove the leaves. I juice them with the celery stalks!

What if I don’t have a juicer?

Try using your blender! You can chop up the celery and blend it in a high-speed blender. You may need to add a little water to help. Once it’s blended, you will need to strain the pulp with a nut milk bag.

I’ve had a few of you message me saying you’ve used a blender over a juicer with no issues! It might make a little less juice, but overall it is a great option if you don’t want to invest in a juicer.

Why do you drink it in the morning?

This is the best time of day to drink your celery juice. You want to drink it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning before eating anything. And yes, that means even before your coffee! When you drink it in the morning, it helps aid in the digestion of the foods you eat for the rest of the day.

Make sure to wait at least 15-30 minutes before consuming any other beverages or food once you drink your celery! Give your gut a little time to digest and process all those nutrients!

Can I make this ahead of time?

This is the most common question I’ve been asked on Instagram. I know that it sounds like a pain in the a** to juice celery every morning, but according to the research I’ve read, it’s best to make it fresh daily. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing valuable nutrients. That being said, Medical Medium says you’re safe to make it 24 hours ahead of time, just as long as you keep it in the fridge in a well-sealed container (like as a mason jar or a sealed weck jar-I have the 28.7oz ones and use them all the time!)

I know that the thought of cleaning your juicer every day is super daunting, but I haven’t found it to be that difficult. My juicer is really easy to quickly rinse and leave out to dry. And really, what’s an extra 5 minutes of juicing/clean up when it comes to your health?? I promise the benefits will outweigh the cleanup time!

Do you drink coffee after you have your celery juice?

Sometimes! I always wait at least 20-30 minutes before though. I definitely don’t need the coffee for energy anymore (the celery juice has really increased my energy.) But, I LOVE the taste of coffee, so I do make a cup after my juice on most days. I do not do my bulletproof coffee after celery juice though. I did this once and it made me feel jitty and have an upset stomach. I just have a regular cup of coffee with a little almond milk.

I would recommend holding off on your cup of coffee the first week of starting your celery juicing. If it has a detoxing effect (like it did for me) then it might be a bit much for your stomach to hand the beginning.  Once you’re used to the juicing and no longer have bathroom issues then maybe you can add it back in!

Are you going to continue to do this daily… like forever?!

Good question! Realistically, I don’t think I will continue to do this every day at some point. BUT, after seeing the benefits (more on that below), it is something I am going to try to keep in my health routine for the time being. Eventually, I will probably cut back to juicing celery 3-4 days a week. I’m sure there could come a time where my body tells me I need a good toxin flush – maybe my digestion seems off, or my skin is breaking out. Then, I might go back to daily celery juice.

My advice is to do what feels right for you. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you through your digestion, skin, energy, etc. If you feel that doing this daily has you feeling your best then keep with it! There is no perfect way to go about this. I am just like you and learning as I go, and right now juicing daily is feeling pretty damn good!

Okay, Okay… Now, how have you felt? Noticed any changes?!

I have been doing this daily for three weeks and have noticed some serious benefits! It took me about six days to really feel the positive effects it was having on my digestion and gut health.


WOW… there was some MAJOR toxins being flushed through my system! Going to be completely honest with y’all – I know we all respond to things differently, but those first few days, I had serious diarrhea in the mornings. It didn’t last all day though! It just kicked in about 30-45 minutes after consuming the celery juice. One bathroom experience from it and then all my bowels were normal the rest of the day. After the first week, I haven’t had any bathroom issues. I think this was my liver detoxing bad bacteria and other toxins from my liver. The phytonutrients in the celery stalks are what help with the detoxification.


My increase in energy has been uh-maz-ing! Usually, I hit a lull in my day, but after 3-4 days of celery juice, I didn’t hit that mid-day slump! Especially over the past few days, I’ve found I’m really on my A-game. that with this new energy boost that I feel a little more on my A game. That “brain fog,” adrenal fatigue, etc. that we can sometimes experience with unhealthy eating is gone! It’s similar to the feeling I get when I do Whole30 – it’s a mental clarity that you can’t really explain.


Celery contains luteolin, a flavonoid (plant chemicals), that can act as an antioxidant and calm inflammation. I believe it because my inflammation levels have gone way down, which is a HUGE win for me! I get inflamed very easily….always have. But since drinking celery juice, I’ve really noticed the inflammation in my face and stomach going down. Also, my rings have been super loose since I started. It’s pretty neat seeing these results after only two-ish weeks of juicing.


Celery juice increases stomach acid, and when you drink it first thing in the morning it preps your gut for easy digestion for the rest of the day. Stomach acid is essential for breaking down food. If stomach acid is lower, your body has to step in to help find other resources to help with digesting that food, which can make you feel tired.

It’s weird, because I never thought I had digestion issues. But after a week of juicing, I noticed HUGE improvements! I don’t have that feeling of fullness and heaviness after a meal anymore. The bloat in my stomach is down and truthfully, I feel skinnier! I don’t weigh myself but I definitely feel “lighter” when it comes to inflammation and bloat. The celery juice is helping food digest properly instead of allowing it to sit there undigested causing gas build-up.

Tips for starting?

  1. Buy enough celery for your entire week on Sunday. This will make you less likely to skip a day.
  2. Start slow. Maybe drinking it every day from the start isn’t best for you. Maybe start with 6-8oz and build yourself up to 16oz.

Let me know if you begin juicing celery! I’d love to hear how it makes you feel!


101 thoughts on “Celery Juice Review”

  1. I just started today! I have had debilitating digestive issues that majority of my life and after seeing multiple GI doctors, natropaths, etc, taking every test, doing every modified diet, colonoscopies, endoscopies and not getting any real help or answers, I started seeing an acupuncturist/herbalist. I have started to heal inside and am finally feeling like the best self I’ve ever been. One of the things she’s recommended now that things are improving is to drink celery juice every morning. So, here we go!! Thanks for sharing your personal experience!

    1. wow! so happy to hear that you’re feeling like your best self. So amazing! I am sure that adding celery juice to the mix is going to make you feel even better! CHEERS!

    2. Mc , can you please tell me what your herbalist / acupuncturist prescribed ? Or the contact details ? Need help after same case as yours for 6 years now. Is the celery juice making a difference for you ?

      1. I’m not a doctor or anything..but I have read a couple people comments that they started to feel bad after drinking the juice..I was just thinking since this is a detox could you be having withdrawal symptoms due to having all those toxins in your body for so long maybe it has become the norm and now that they are being removed your body is adjusting..just a thought.

    1. Medical Medium (the guy who started this) says- The reason we juice the celery versus eating it, is because juicing and removing the pulp (fiber) is the only way to get the powerful healing benefits; for healing chronic illness. Hope this helps!

  2. Mada: I know there are tons of health benefits to this and have read about it on medical sites so I decided to try it. Seems to make a difference for me! I did want to warn you though, that I started diving into the background of the “Medical Medium” and he is kind of a quack with no medical background. He believes there is a spirit that funnels medical miracle advice to him. Totally fine and no judgement if people are into that kind of thing, but I know that you care about your sources and do a lot of research based on actual science. I also follow him on IG but after reading more about him, I will personally be taking his advice with a grain of salt moving forward.

    Keep up the good work! Temple is the cutest and I have recommended several of your blog posts to my new mama friends 🙂

    1. Hi Alicia!

      Love that name! You don’t have to dig deeper into Anthony William’s background. He’s pretty upfront about Spirit and how he gets his info. It’s the first part of his first book and he talks about it in interviews. The book is packed with science. Packed. I’ve read it. So, however he gets the info, no matter. His protocols get results and a few medical doctors are now starting to notice. I’m happy to see him get more into the mainstream.

      I discovered him though a friend who was really ill with digestive issues, very low weight. I saw her one day and noticed she’d gained more weight and looked healthier. She told me about the book. She said her doctor thinks she’s seeing a nutritionist and he told her to keep seeing him because whatever they are telling her to do is working. If she’d told him it was a guy who talks to some invisible dude named Spirit, he would probably have talked her out of it.

      And I ask you, Science has been wrong in the past, no?

  3. I loved reading your experience!
    I’ve been drinking celery juice most mornings for 18 months now.
    I mainly drink around 12 ounces but the strange thing is even after 18 months if I increase it to 16 ounces I get the runs badly straight after.
    I would of thought I’d be detoxified by now but maybe my body doesn’t like that much.
    Maybe I need to try a week of 16 ounces but for me it’s a big expense so I try make my celery last 🙂

    1. I’ve been drinking 16 ounces of celery juice for a few months. Previously it was on and off but I have been faithful the last couple of months. Every time I drink it, I do get the runs about 45 minutes later, though it is not uncomfortable. Does anyone else notice this? l eat pretty healthy and do not eat animal products so I’m not so sure it is always about the detox. Regardless, I will still continue on this path. What I do notice the most is how clear my sinuses are – amazing! Even during the spring when the pollen is at its best! I made some for a friend who keeps coming down with sinus and lung issues and he could not believe the difference it made. He now is committed to the process. I truly believe this juice is the best!

      1. Exact same thing happens to me…especially if I’ve had a few days off. Have to make sure it’s a work from home day lol xx

  4. Love this post!! So helpful and easy to read without all the “big medical words”. I’ve been doing celery juice for a few days now and starting to see the detox symptoms. Keep up the great work!!

    1. I just started celery juice 3 days ago. I am definitely experiencing the diarrhea especially in the morning. I’m hoping it subsided in a couple of days.

  5. Hi Mada! If you remove the leaves before juicing, the celery won’t be bitter at all. I saw that in one of your photos and thought, “Geesh, that’s going to be bitter…”

  6. Hi from Québec Canada. I started drinking celery juice three days ago. About an hour after drinking it I make a trip to the bathroom. A lot of bile coming out. is this normal. Should I skip a few days. thanks for your precious advice

    1. Hi! Yes, that is very normal. I was the same way! I recommend just starting with 2-3x a week and alternating days until body adjusts to removing all those toxins. Xo, Mada

  7. Good evening. I was wondering if you could assist me with something. I started my celery juice detox on Monday and everyday I’ve had the worst cramps, bloating and gas. I have severe constipation, IBS and gut issues. Today was the first day where I wasn’t constipated since 3 Jan it was so bad that this was the last road I was going to take after drinking tablets for cramps all the time. How long does it take for the juice to detox your system?

    1. Hi Natashia! It really depends on the person. I had diarrhea after drinking it almost immediately every day for a week. After that first week of detox, I began to feel the positive and didn’t have to run to the bathroom. If you are feeling uncomfortable then you could cut back to 2-3x a week during the major detox phase. Hope this helps!-MADA

      1. Hi Natashia, I have exactly the same.
        Was on celery juice for 5 months and histamine reactions got so bad I stopped. A few months later, I started again because I realised it had relieved me from Meunière. After stopping to drink celery juice, my ear went pretty fast into full deafness again. I am on celery juice again since 4 months but I have IBS since one month, pretty bad.
        I have Lyme disease. So each time, while persevering, I tumble into a new symptom. Before this it was joint inflammations, then I went through months of liver pains, then it evolved in two months coughing etc..Maybe Lyme is very though to be beaten. Maybe I have to try for a few years…

  8. I’m on day 4 and feel great, my body craves it 1st thing in the morning & Im noticing that I’m eating smaller portions. I’m not sure if this is normal but the last 2 days around 3pm I feel so tired. I am a 1 cup of coffee every morning person, but don’t feel like I need it when I’m juicing. Could that be why I’m feeling tired midday?

    1. That’s so amazing! Love hearing positive results! I felt a bit tired at first too. The body is doing lots of detoxing which can cause fatigue. After a few weeks, you should feel better and have much more energy!!!

  9. Hi I have been juicing celery 16 ounes on empty stomach as recommended, and unfortunately I have not had positive results yet but I’m staying hopeful! Shooting for at least 1 month as a test. This past week I’ve actually had symptoms worsen and I’m wondering if the detox process can make you feel worse before it gets better. I’m reading up on that, it seems to be a common side effect since your body is processing out the toxins. I’ve experienced an increase in appetite, fatigue and skin issues.

    1. My symptoms worsened the first month too. I started to feel better and didn’t have the side effects after a few weeks. I had skin issues and diarrhea at first. If you think that things aren’t improving after a month, then I recommend cutting back to a few times a week or stopping for a bit. XO, Mada

    2. The course of healing is not fast, and you will usually feel worse before you feel better. That is why many people give up, and think it’s not working. Consistency is key though. I’ve been drinking celery juice for 6 months and I’m still running to the bathroom within an hour of consuming celery juice on many days. I know detoxing takes a long time though. Best of luck to you!

    1. Most likely! It is very common to feel worse before feeling better. I recommend only doing it 2-3x a week to start if you are feeling very uncomfortable. Might be better to ease in! Xo, Mada

    1. Hi! Thanks for great celery juice review! Ive tried celery juice three times (months or longer apart) and each time I quickly stop after day one because of the horrendous gas! Big bad ugly GAS that lasts the entire day, and is extra disgusting. I cant find much (or any!) info on this side effect. Im assuming its not common? Id like to know if you have any information on this. Thanks!

      1. I think that is normal (sadly!) haha I was super gassy and had really bad diarrhea the first week. I think if you were to continue that would subside after a few days or so!!!

        1. I just had to comment that I’ve been having the same problem with horrendous gas. I’ve been doing celery juice for a month now. First week, no issues and then the gas and bloating started the second week and has gotten progressively worse. I have extreme bloating (I feel like I’m 4 weeks pregnant) and horrendous gas which is incredibly embarrassing. The bloating and gas don’t start until after I eat lunch–no matter what I eat. I thought I was detoxing, but it was becoming too uncomfortable to continue and was just getting worse. I went off the juice two days ago and today was the first day I’ve had none of the above issues. I finally talked to my naturopath today and she told celery juice isn’t for everyone. I’m going to give it up this week and see how I feel and get more information from her. I’ll post again if I find out anything.

          1. Caroline, did you ever start juicing celery again? I am having the same problem with bloating and gas and I’m on my second week. I didn’t have the problem the first week, but now I’m very uncomfortable. Trying to decide whether to push through or just stop 🙁

  10. Are you using a centrifugal juicer? It looks like one in your photos. Centrifugal juicers are said to create oxidation in juices which can create worse effects long term! I highly recommend juicing with a masticating juicer!

    1. I’m also having extreme gas and bloating… my poor family said I had to go sleep downstairs so I didn’t gas them out of the house, lol! I’ve only been doing it for a week but it’s gotten really uncomfortable so I’m going to cut back and see what happens. Anyone know how long the gas and bloating has lasted for you? Thanks!

  11. Good morning! This is great! Thank you for the details… Today is my first day and wow within 10 minutes!! I read your section on detoxification so figured it is normal since our bodies are different. Thank you for the tips!!!

  12. Hi, is there a way to start the day with coffee, wait at least one hour without eating something and then drinking the selleryjuice?

    1. You can do this however you want BUT they do say the best benefits are having it on an empty stomach even before coffee.

  13. Hello! I’ve been drinking CJ every morning for about 2 weeks and was curious if anyone else had acne flare ups? It’s gotten so bad, I hate to quit but I just need to know if it’ll get better? If so how long?
    Thanks so much

  14. Hello! I’ve been drinking CJ every morning for about 2 weeks and was curious if anyone else had acne flare ups? It’s gotten so bad, I hate to quit but I just need to know if it’ll get better? If so how long?
    Thanks so much

    1. Yes, I think that is pretty common when your body is detoxing. Maybe take a step back and only did it once or twice a week until body adjusts!

  15. Hello. I’ve been taking celery juice for about 10 days now. Suddenly today my stool was black. Is there something to worry about. Should I stop celery juice. I have auto immune disease. Thanks

    1. Hi. Sorry for late response! I would take a few days off or cut back so that your body can slowly adjust!

  16. Thank you so much for this so far I have been searching no one online on the internet stated diarrhea. I been doing the juicing exactly 29 days and only positive outcome roght from start was energy. However, since day one to today every morning I get diarhea so bad I cant leave house for three hours than my acne flared up. And now for the past two weeks my left side of my throat has been hurting and I haven’t been able to see a doctor thinking it may go away but I looked up it stated it could be goiters which is caused by consuming too much celery. Now im freaking out I have no idea what is going on with me and instead of feeling about it I feel like maybe this was a bad decision or it wasnt for me, any advise I would be so grateful.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! I would stop drinking it for now. Sounds like your body is talking to you and it might not be best for you! Hope you’re feeling better.-Mada

  17. How are you storing that much celery in your fridge? Mine gets limp in a day or so. Going to the grocery every day is impossible. Thanks.

    1. Mine usually last 3-4 days in the fridge without going limp. I usually buy it Sunday and that last till about Thursday! -Mada

  18. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’ve been doing celery juice 8 oz every morning for 2 weeks now. My RA pain has gotten worse. I’m almost tempted to stop. I so wanted this to work. Is this normal to experience increased pain.

    1. I would probably stop or talk with doctor to see if you could slowly incorporate just a few times a week.-Mada

      1. I have RA also and after about a week or two my hands never felt better. I had to miss one day this week and my hands are sore again. I will continue with this since it helps remove inflammation. I will say the bathroom issue is annoying but I hope it calms down. Started with 2 ounces and increased. I am on about 6 to 8 ounces no

  19. I am on day 4 and have a lot of indigestion despite taking reflux med. I read you gave up coffee for the first week and that may be the key. Thanks for the tip. Day 5 tomorrow!

  20. Yesterday I drank my first 16 oz of CJ. I was fine all day until after I ate dinner. Immediately I felt bloated and cramps. It was so bad I literally thought I was going to have to go to the ER. I wanted to die it was so painful. It lasted a few hours and then subsided. I also had a bowel movement during all of this. I just drank another 16 oz this morning, but I’m afraid to eat anything. Maybe I’ll have a few bites of food and that’s it. Any suggestions?

    1. Just an update. It’s now the third day I’ve drank 16 oz of CJ each morning. I have been fine. It was just that 1 episode.

    2. Hmm that wasn’t ever an issue for me. I would take a few days off and try again and just be cautious about when/what you eat while your body adjust. If it continues, I would probably stop. -Mada

    3. Lynn,
      Similar story. When it happened, I had been juicing celery for 3 weeks straight. Typical symptoms, diarrhea, etc. One day, I juiced, went to work, and then ate lunch. I thought I was going to die the pain was so terrible. I thought I had the flu and finally figured out that this insane pain only happened after I ate whatever meal. I would juice in the morning, go about my day, and about an hour after eating any meal, I’d have insane pain in my stomach. Such terrible pain I’m lying on the floor. I even went to the Urgent Care to see what in the good hell it was. I just got an ultrasound of my abdomen today. I have never ever experienced any sort of pain like this. It only happens after I eat. Randomly, out of the blue belt started 3 weeks after I started celery juice. It’s literally day 10 for me of this pain coming after each meal. I am trying to believe its detox or inflamed tummy lining, but it did not happen until I started juicing. I googled everywhere and this post from Lynn was the only post that is exactly like mine, except she thankfully only had it one day after one meal. I havent juiced in two days trying to see If it helps. So far, same ol pain. Thank you for your posts everyone! Keep healing!

      1. Hi Jessica, I have the exact problem too. About 3 weeks into drinking celery juice.
        Did you stop or continue. What happened after? Any advice is useful.
        Thank you

  21. Hi starting 2nd week so far nothing seems to be happening but still doing it ,no pain no toilet May take longer for somereason

    1. Hi Heather,
      Just wondering if you are still drinking e celery juice and also if you have seen a difference. I am on week 2 of juicing and have no pain no toilet.

  22. I’ve been drinking 16 ounces of celery juice for a few months. Previously it was on and off but I have been faithful the last couple of months. Every time I drink it, I do get the runs about 45 minutes later, though it is not uncomfortable. Does anyone else notice this? l eat pretty healthy and do not eat animal products so I’m not so sure it is always about the detox. Regardless, I will still continue on this path. What I do notice the most is how clear my sinuses are – amazing! Even during the spring when the pollen is at its best! I made some for a friend who keeps coming down with sinus and lung issues and he could not believe the difference it made. He now is committed to the process. I truly believe this juice is the best!

  23. Hi there!

    I’m just curiously searching the web for someone experiencing the same symptoms as me. My first day of juice, I immediately felt almost fuzzy in the brain and my belly starting churning. I was looking forward to expelling “toxins” as I’d seen so many people talk about. I had a bit of movement but nothing drastic. My second day, was a bit more “explosive” but still not to the expectations of what I’d read other people experience. I did for a week and now I haven’t had for 2 days — I think I’m having the effects I was expecting. Green, watery stool, grumbly guts, every 15 minutes there’s a bit more to empty. I haven’t changed anything else in my diet so am assuming it’s a result of the juice though find it odd I haven’t consumed in a few days now. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this my body disposing now dead gut bacteria?

  24. Thank you for sharing your experience. I heard that about 16 ounces are necessary for the best benefits. Today I’ve bought my first head of celery and juiced it, however, I only get about 8.5 ounces from one head. Does the amount depend on the quality of the juicer? The head had an average size. As I’m on a budget at the moment, I will not be able to buy 2 heads every day for a longer period of time. Are 8 ounces fine in the long run? Thank you for your help.

    1. I think 8 ounces is totally fine! I wouldn’t stress about getting a better juicer and just juice one head each day! The amount isn’t going to make a huge difference IMO. XO-mada

      1. I have a number of questions and hope you can help: 1. Alicia St Roce posted on 1/27/19 that a few medical doctors are now starting to notice. Do you know what doctors have praised juicing celery?
        2. I need to take my blood pressure before consuming any thing so I drink the celery juice after taking my blood pressure. Is it OK to drink plain water prior to drinking the celery juice or does that dilute the effects of the celery juice? Are usually drink about 4 ounces in the morning before drinking the celery juice.
        3. I have been using a vita mix blender since I don’t have a juicer at the moment. I add about a half a cup of water to the bottom of the juicer so that the salary can move around easier? Is that OK as well or does that dilute the effects of the celery juice? 4. Do the celery leaves have anything to do with stomach upset after drinking the celery juice? 5. I use the celery pulp in a smoothie a half hour later where I add an apple and a cucumber. Is that OK or does that change the effects in any way of what the celery juice is doing?

      2. Hello, just stumbled upon this conversation, thank you to the Admin. for sharing her experiences about Celery Juice.
        I just wanted to share (with Arabelle and anyone else interested) … that yes, after doing my own extensive research on juicers for about 8 weeks, I learned that the type of juicer does make a difference in yield. I agonized over which one to buy, but I KNEW I would choose a MASTICATING vs. CENTRIFUGAL. I can assure you, after just starting my CJ journey 9 days ago, and easing into the number of ounces, my juicer yields 12 oz on about 3/4 of a celery bunch (about 7 or 8 stalks). If a juicer is given the opportunity to press as much juice out of the veggie as possible, it will yield a beautiful rich juice, and not damage the nutrients in the process (or very minimally). If you read this, and are interested to chat further, feel free to respond. I’m happy to share info.

  25. I drank CJ for a month, every morning with empty stomach. I’ve got all the benefits because i had a problem with my digestion. My digestion fine, no migraine, helps my sleep, my body feel lighter but i’ve got acne problem now. I dont want to quit but acne really annoyed me. What should i do?

    1. I wish I could help, but it’s tough since I don’t know all of your health needs. Could be a lot of factors- diet along with it during the day, dairy, etc. If it doesn’t clear then maybe step back for a week or so and see how your skin reacts. I don’t want to tell you anything direct since I’m not a doctor 🙂 Hope you understand!


    2. I’ve been giving my mom 8oz in the am then same in pm. After 5 days I increased to 16oz am and pm
      She has no side effects.
      Now 12 days and not noticing anything.
      I read this helps with Alzheimer’s.
      Any suggestions.

  26. OK I decided to hop on the celery juice bandwagon since I have so many health issues. Lyme, SIBO, leaky gut, mast cell activation syndrome, MCS, etc. I had my gallbladder removed 2 months ago so I do not know if that is why but after drinking this today I am sick as hec! I juiced maybe about 6-8 oz. It was HEAVY celery leaves from the farmers market and not as much stalk, maybe that is why? It was of course organic. I have been SO SICK ALL DAY!!! In the bathroom about 5-6 times, nausea, headache, I have not eaten anything all day except the juice this morning. OMG so sick….. I never want this or anything ever again lol 🙁 Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

  27. I’ve done a lot of reading due to gut issues with one of my kids (who cured himself of ulcerative colitis on the GAPS diet). We all “converted” to organic, gluten-free and sucrose-free about 5 years ago. So I was pretty clean when I started the celery juice about a week ago, but I still had fatigue for a few days.
    I wanted to address detox symptoms here – I have learned (and experienced) that the body heals from the inside out. Fatigue will usually precede other effects because the body is working very hard using the goodies in celery juice to heal inside. Acne and/or joint pain can be due to toxins being released by the internal organs. So acne could actually be a cause for celebration because the body now has the resources to deal with the outside parts.

  28. Hi I am wondering if you recommend drinking this before or after the gym in the morning? I don’t want to have diarrhea at the gym.

  29. Thanks for posting this. Been drinking celery juice every morning this week. I am surprised about the diarrhea I get as I eat a whole food plant based diet.(Even fresh carrot juice does not do this to me) I get about 16 ounces of juice from a whole head of celery. We have an omega juicer and a norwalk juicer and the omega does celery better in my opinion.. The Norwalk would clog on celery.. but it is great with carrots. I am thinking of doing the celery juice for my 15 year old who has a lot of pains.. Doctors do not know why but they tell him to take ibuprofen for it. I enjoy drinking the celery juice.. I wait 30 minutes after the juice to eat my breakfast.. how long do you wait to eat afterwards ?

  30. I have a miracle to report! I have had chronic joint pain and stiffness for years along with low energy. Was getting so bad it woke me up at night. 8 days of 16 oz per day, NO PAIN and higher energy. Life-changing! Additionally, my skin has completely cleared and feels moist and “plumped up.” I am experiencing diarrhea but I’m hoping that calms down with time.

  31. Earlier
    This year in February I was diagnosed with erythema nodosum and then on week later in the hospital with a Perforated colon and Diverticulitis Following that my gall bladder was removed.

    I started juicing celery and drinking 16oz per day on August 22nd. On Sept 1 I was in emergency with pancreatitis. I have since started juicing again on September 4th after being released from hospital.

    I am still having discomfort from the pancreatitis.

    I am not clear if my body is detoxing or not at this point especially suffering after suffering Pancreatitis following 10 days of juicing.

  32. I’m so relieved to read how many people are experiencing stomach pains. I’ve been doing the celery juice for about 3 weeks for a second time and think I’m going to have to stop. I’ve stopped and started twice now for the same reason. I’ve been googling side effects and couldn’t find anything until now.
    The gas pains are unbearable, seriously thought I was going to have to go to the ER tonight. About an hour after I eat dinner the pains start and now 4 hours later I still feel nauseous and bloated.
    I am a healthy eater, never smoked, rarely drink and have never had any health issues other than a yearly cold and bad periods. I cannot believe that my liver is so toxic and the reason for all this discomfort.
    I have enjoyed some benefits, all my muscle inflammation has gone and I have no brain fog anymore. I sleep better and my energy is great BUT…honestly it’s starting to worry me, I’ve never had digestive problems in my life until I started drinking this juice!

  33. The stomach cramps are unbearable after about 3 weeks…I’ve stopped and started twice now and keep trying to push through it because I love so much about what this does…does the pain go away?
    I do not believe someone who drinks occasionally, eats healthy, has never smoked could be detoxing this badly???

    1. Hi Sherrie!

      I am so sorry for the late reply. If you are still suffering from cramping then I would stop or take a break. Maybe talk with your doctor to see if it’s a good idea for you. I don’t believe drinking Celery Juice is for everyone and if your body is showing signs that something is right and you aren’t beginning to feel good then I’d probably stop. 🙂

      1. I’ve been doing celery juice for two weeks now, very bad pain and diarrhea also, stopped for three days and started 8 ounces instead of 16. Did that for two days bad diarrhea again. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with these issues. I think it’s just our body is detoxing and when you detox it comes out of your skin too! I’m going to try to stick with this because I have Epstein-Barr and heavy-metal poisoning .

  34. Hi,
    I am having bathroom problems whenever I would take celery. Is that normal? Also, I do take some supplements like turmeric for my joints problem…. does it not flush out all supplements you so take? Amounting to kind of a waste?

  35. I’ve been juicing daily for about 3 weeks now. I’ve been tired and also experiencing issues with my eyes. They seem dry, watering, itchy, similar to allergy season. They also feel strained and sore behind the eyeball. Sort of difficult to explain. Was wondering if this was some type of healing crisis from detox possibly? Thanks for any input!

  36. Hi! Do you still drink CJ while pregnant? I want to start as I’ve been super bloated while pregnant. I’m 18 weeks. Thanks!

      1. Hi Lauren, I would buy the books written by the Medical Medium or at least follow him on Facebook. I have read a lot of his advice and I think he said not to juice when pregnant or nursing. You can also try to ask him a question on FB. His assistant typically responds. All the best 🙂

  37. I have had some similar and some different experiences with celery juice. I thought I would share my experiences in case it is useful for anyone. The first time I did it I started on about 8 oz a day for a week and then worked up to about 16 oz a day over another week. I continued on 16 oz a day, every day for a little over two months and then stopped as I was travelling overseas for two weeks and wasn’t able to keep going.

    My experience:
    – 1st day drinking the juice made me feel terribly nauseous so I only had about 4 oz
    – 2nd day I had 8 oz of the juice at approx. 8:30 am and at about 11:15 am had to run to the bathroom with explosive diarrhoea, but it was just the once and then I was fine for the rest of the day
    – 3rd day to about 10th day I had the juice at approx. 8:30 and at about 11:15 had to run to the bathroom. But it wasn’t diarrhoea, just “sudden onset” need to go to the loo. I literally set my calendar by it and made sure not to schedule any meetings between 11 and 11:30 am.
    – after about the 10th day the timing and routine was roughly the same, but there wasn’t that insistent feeling anymore and I could hold if I needed to but would always need a bowel movement within about 3 hours of drinking the juice.
    – over the next 2 months or so the pattern turned out to be about 3 hour windows and I would have a bowel movement within 3 hours of drinking the juice or any meal I had. If I skipped a meal there was one less bowel movement in the day, if I ate an extra meal I would have one more movement etc.
    – after the first day all of my bowel movements were “perfect” – easy, painless, the “right” shape etc. but the colour did vary over the first month or so, with it sometimes being very dark and sometimes quite light, sometime a mix. I assume that is because of different parts of my colon cleaning out and different issues being resolved. For the last month the colour was fairly consistent. It was amazing having a colon that was so “predictable” and healthy – I really felt like things were working exactly “as designed”.
    – I was very gassy throughout, but it was definitely at it’s worst the first couple of weeks. Then it was probably half as bad but never stopped. I kept thinking it would, but it didn’t even when everything was working like clockwork.
    – from the first week I started to feel the brain fog lift and get progressively better. So far it hasn’t come back.
    – from about the second week I started to have more energy and just be generally more balanced and stopped having those days where you feel like you are totally drained. Things like laundry and cleaning seem to be easy to get done and less of an effort. After I stopped drinking celery juice that has dropped back to where I was before. But I still feel generally good.
    – from about the 3rd week and since stopping I am generally sleeping much better and if I don’t set an alarm clock I am waking up almost exactly 7.5 – 8 hours after I go to sleep. It was a bit better, and easier to wake up, while I was still drinking the juice.
    – I didn’t actively try to change my diet but it started to happen “automatically” as I found that the celery juice was amazing for balancing my blood sugar! I got to know that once I drank it, within 30 mins, any cravings would stop. I am usually a bit of a sugar junky and always have the 3pm slump but that stopped totally while I was drinking the juice. I am addicted to coca-cola and always trying to kick the habit and actively working to stay off it and it was soooo much easier on celery juice, I didn’t miss it or crave it at all. However, it did also seem to dampen my appetite so I had to remember to eat (historically I am someone who does forget to eat when I am busy, it was just more consistent and long-lasting on the celery juice).
    – initially there was no impact on my skin except I would get one very nasty spot about 3 days before each period (previously I would get a few superficial spots before a period) and I have a history of bad skin going back to my teen years. But in the last week or so my skin broke out with nasty cystic spots in weird places I have never had acne before, like the back of my neck, behind my ears, on my collar bone etc. I have had the odd cystic spot over the years, but in total I had more in one week then than I have had across the rest of my life in total. The cysts continued until about a week after I stopped the juice and then settled down so I’m not sure what would have happened if I had continued the juice. About a month later my skin looked amazing though! Super clear and glowing. So….
    – also, very weirdly, after about 3 -4 weeks my urine started to be very clear. I wasn’t drinking more water and or more fluids other than the 16 oz celery juice each day, and continued taking my usual handful of vitamins every day. Usually my urine can be quite dark and yellow, especially first thing in the morning, and I can see the colour and darkness change with the number of vitamins and supplements I take but no matter how many I was taking my urine was pale yellow and quite clear, including first thing in the morning, to the point where I still find it quite fascinating. Within about a week of stopping my urine went back to like it was before.
    – in the last couple of months I have tried two or three times to start on celery juice again. Each time I have started from day one trying to have 16 oz and it has caused me the most awful stomach pains and nausea – I assumed that as I have done 2 months fairly recently I am probably still quite clearly and so could jump back in, but I now think you need to build up a tolerance and give your body a chance to get used to it. The first time it was so bad I thought I had either food poisoning or stomach flu (I’m still not convinced I didn’t) and it continued over 3 days, having only had the celery juice on the first day. The Second time I had terrible diarrhoea and terrible stomach cramps for about half a day and got 3 nasty cysts on my neck. The third time I started getting nasty stomach cramps while drinking, at about 8 oz, so stopped drinking and it eased up. I will see what my skin does in the next few days…
    – I’m now thinking I will wait a week and then try again, starting with about 5 oz, and over three weeks or so slowly work up to 16 oz per day and track what happens.

    I hope this is useful for someone!

  38. Thanks for this Mada. I am new to celery juicing. Really helpful to read all the experiences and know diarrhea etc is normal. To your continued good health 🙂

  39. HORST
    Question: Has someone tried to heal Lyme with celery juice? I am on it for 5 month, seems to be very good, but very tough. Basically I am a big fan. the Idea of exchanging ideas and experiences is great. Compliment to Mada!

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