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Bobbie’s 4-Month Schedule Update

Make sure to check out my post on Newborn Sleep Tips and Bobbie’s Schedule. There are so many tips on setting up good sleep habits. If you are struggling with sleep, then reach out to my sleep consult, Jessica, with Sleep Happy. Mention my name, and you will receive a discount on her services!

I realize I have the benefit of being home with my girls, so it is easier for me to control their sleep schedules. Please don’t use Bobbie’s sleep to compare to your child. Temple and Bobbie are both so different, and you know your baby best. This is just here to help guide you with some useful tips!

How long is Bobbie’s wake time between naps?

When she was a newborn, her wake time was 60-90 minutes (more on that in this post.)  At 3-months, Bobbie wake period shifted to about 1.5-2 hours. I always look for her sleep cues such as glazed over eyes, fussiness, yawning, etc. You know your baby best, but I find that right around 1.5-2 hours of being awake that she is ready for her next nap.

I will say that her wake time is shortest before nap one of the day. I talk more on why that is in this post, but I’d say Bobbie’s first nap of the day is about 1-hour to 1.5-hours at most of being awake before I put her down.

Does she sleep in her crib?

Yes. You can read my newborn sleep post on how/when I transitioned her to a crib. She is now 4-months old and takes all naps and sleeps during the night in her crib.

How often does she nurse during the day?

Bobbie exclusively breastfeeds, and I typically nurse her around every 3 hours during the day still, but I don’t stress about this. I usually nurse her right when she wakes up from a nap.

How many naps does Bobbie take a day?

She takes three to four naps a day. Her first nap is usually her longest nap of the day, which is common for most babies. If you are trying to make changes such as changing their swaddle, sleep environment, etc., then your first nap of the day is when you should try this out. They are likely to do best with changes during that first nap. At the end of this post, I included examples of typical daily schedules so you can see how we get to four naps a day.

Do you wake Bobbie if she is taking a really long nap?

I only wake her if that nap is over 4 hours. I find if she naps longer than 4 hours it can affect the rest of her sleep that day/night.  I do NOT wake her during her nighttime sleep though.

Does Bobbie sleep through the night?

Nope. She usually wakes once during the night to feed. Bobbie often goes to bed around 7-7:30 pm and wakes sometime between 2-4 am for a feeding. I don’t mind this at all because my boobs are usually very full at that time. I breastfeed her in our glider and then put her right back down in the crib. I know everyone is different, but we do not change her diaper during her night feeding. If she were super wet, then I would change her, but that’s typically not the case. Bobbie does best with being drowsy, nursing, and being put back down in her crib. She usually goes down quickly and doesn’t wake back up until around 6-7am.

Do you nurse Bobbie to sleep?

Sometimes! I’d be lying if I said I never nursed to sleep. It’s so easy just to let them fall asleep on the boob and lay them down in the crib, haha. I try not to do this for every nap or bedtime cause it can be a hard habit to break + makes it hard when you have someone else watching your child and trying to put them to sleep. I am all about balance, and I love those sweet moments nursing Bobbie to sleep, so I do it sometimes. You do you!

Is she still swaddled?

No. We started with the Ollie Swaddle as a newborn and loved it. Around two months, we did one arm out in the Ollie swaddle to get her used to not startling awake slowly. At 3-months, we did both arms out of the Ollie Swaddle, but it still had that tight feeling around her waist, which she loved and helped with the transition to both arms free. Then, she moved to the Woolino sleep sack at 3.5-months. Bobbie is a belly sleeper- I lay her down in the crib on her back, but she instantly turns over and loves sleeping on her belly!

What Monitor do you use?

We use the Indoor Nest Cams in both girl’s rooms and LOVE them. It’s so lovely to see them on my phone when we are on a date night and can make sure the girls are in bed. I will say we don’t keep a monitor running at night. I just have this cheap sound monitor for Bobbie’s room, and if I hear her cry at night, then I open up the Nest cam app on my phone to check on her. So easy, and it works great for us. We don’t keep a sound monitor in Temple’s room because she is 2.5 years old now and rarely wakes up. On nights Temple does get up, she goes to the door and calls out for us, and we can hear her from our bedroom, haha.

I also recommend the Google Nest Hub, which is compatible with the Nest cameras. We have one in our kitchen, so I can pull up both girl’s Nest Cams when they nap + the Google Hub plays music, sets timers for cooking, shows recipes. I honestly just love having the Google Hub in our kitchen, and it’s a bonus that it also shows the Nest cams! I’ve also seen people use old ipads or phones as their Nest monitor, but we don’t do that. I just use my google hub or phone during the day when the girl’s nap. Again, at night I only use the cheap sound monitor, and if Bobbie cries, then I will grab my phone and check on her visually through the Nest app.

Do you ever use a breast pump and give her a bottle?

I pump 1x a day usually during her first nap. I feel that I get more breastmilk out when I pump in the morning. I mainly pump once a day to build a freezer stash for when someone watches Bobbie or if I want to drink a little bit on the weekend and give her a bottle haha. I started pumping when Bobbie was about 3-4 weeks old and my supply was regulated.

A few other tips…

Set up your sleep environment to be the same for at least two naps of the day or as many as you can! At 4-months, Bobbie takes all her naps in her crib. Below is our sleep environment…

Lastly, do not stress about the length of their naps and being a crazy person about their schedule. I am someone who loves a good routine, so healthy sleep habits help keep me sane, and I can tell Bobbie is a much happier baby when I keep a rough schedule. Again, the main things I focus on are keeping her wake time around 1.5-2 hours during the day so that she isn’t overtired, feeding her during the day around every 3 hours, trying to keep her sleep environment the same, and putting her down for these naps when she is drowsy but not fully asleep.

Below I’ve included three sleep schedules that I tracked of Bobbie around 4-months to give you an idea of what our days look like. They are not all the same, but on average, Bobbie takes four naps a day, and that last nap of the day is usually a short one (about 30 minutes.) I put her down for the night around 7-7:30pm. Remember, try not to compare your baby to mine. This is my second child, and what works for us at this time!

Bobbie’s Sleep Schedule (4-Months): Example One

  • 6:45am: wake for the day. nurse and wake time.
  • 8:00am-11:15am: nap one (she always naps in her sleep sack in her crib)
  • 11:15am-1:15pm: nurse and wake time
  • 1:15-3:50: nap two
  • 3:50-5:30pm: nurse and wake time
  • 5:30-6pm: nap three on my chest
  • 8:00pm: down for the night
  • 2:15am: woke up, nurse, back in crib (I don’t change her diaper during a night feeding unless it’s super full)
  • 7:00am: wake up for the day
  • *notice that she only took three naps. That is because she took much longer naps this day. I do not stress about the number of naps but just go by wake time and her sleep cues.

Bobbie’s Sleep Schedule (4-Months): Example Two

  • 6:30am- wake up. nurse and play
  • 8:00am-10:15am: nap one
  • 10:15-11:50: nurse and wake time
  • 11:50-1:55: nap two
  • 1:55-3:50: nurse and wake time
  • 3:50-4:30pm: nap three
  • 4:30-6:45pm: nurse and wake time
  • 6:45pm: down for the night
  • 7:30pm: woke up, so I had to go in and nurse her and put her back down at 7:45pm
  • 3:30am: woke up, nursed, back in the crib
  • 7:15am: Wake up for the day

Bobbie’s Sleep Schedule (4-Months): Example Three

  • 6:15am: wake up for the day
  • 7:30-8:55am: nap one
  • 8:55- 10:45am: nurse and wake time
  • 10:45-11:50am: nap two
  • 11:50-2pm: nurse and wake time
  • 2-3:00pm: nap three
  • 3-5:30pm: nurse and wake time
  • 5:30-6:15pm: nap four (this last nap of the day is usually a very short nap)
  • 6:15-7:30pm: nurse and wake time
  • 7:30pm: down for the night
  • 1:20am: woke up, nursed, back in the crib
  • 6:10am: wake up for the day


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