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Best of 2018: Fitness & Athleisure Purchases

“Look good, feel good, play good!”

I love that quote! My workout attire is part of what brings me confidence in the gym. The right fitting leggings and top partly motivate me during a workout. That may seem silly, but for me it’s true. I’m willing to splurge and spend money on workout gear or athleisure wear before a nice pair of shoes or a fancy top. On a day to day, you will find me in leggings or joggers. I workout at my gym, VIVE, 3-4 times a week and when I’m not there I am home with Temple, going on walks, or riding my Peleton bike. I am often showing you all my daily looks on Instagram stories which are either a workout or comfy look 90% of the time. Everything I have linked below I own and wear regularly. This is my fitness/athleisure capsule from 2018!!

First, I need to touch on my latest obsession, Ultracor Ultra High-Waist leggings! They are the leggings I’m wearing in these pictures, and they are the most flattering and best leggings I’ve ever purchased! Yes, they are pricier than some other brands, but I’m not kidding you when I say I wear them ALL. THE. TIME! I have three pairs and wear them every week to VIVE. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know this is true. They pull everything up and in and honestly; they make you feel sexayyy and fit! My booty look ten times tighter and lifted when I wear these leggings haha! The best part is that they stay in place. I’m never tugging and lifting them during my workout. I recommend the “Ultra High-Rise” style, I linked a bunch of my favorite prints below and even found a few on sale. As always, I appreciate it if you all use my links to shop. I am not paid to do this blog post, but I do make a small commission if you purchase via my links!

All the legging brands I’ve linked below are high-rise. When it comes to jeans or leggings, you will always find me in the high-rise style. I think they are more flattering, and I like to workout in a crop top, but with high-rise leggings, it means less tummy is showing.  I want to show a little stomach off but not too much haha! For sports bras, I like to buy the mid-length ones. That way, I can wear it on its own with the high-waisted leggings and a little of my stomach shows. I don’t feel as comfortable in a classic sports bra and leggings- it’s just a little too much skin for me. Also, I have pretty big ta-tas, so all the bras I recommend below are great for ladies with boobies! Again, everything I’ve linked I really own and love! I hope they become staples for you, too!

*Unless otherwise noted, I wear a size medium in leggings, tops, and sports bras!

Leggings (my style is sold out but these are similar and on sale) | Sports Bra (sold out but other styles listed below) | Apple Watch– 40mm | Sunglasses | Necklace

Favorite Leggings:

  • Ultracor Ultra-High Rise Leggings- below I’ve linked a few of my favorite prints. Remember, you want the “ultra-high rise” style. I wear a medium.
  • Alo Airbrush Tech Lift High Waist Leggings I have these in black and navy. SO COMFORTABLE and stay up during a workout. Below are links to other sites so that you have options!
  • Alo Airbrush High Waisted Leggings– they are super thick and flattering. I wear them to workout and always get asked what brand I’m wearing.
  • Alo Sheila High Waist Leggings– I don’t work out in these, but I wear them all the time for errands. This is the classic “I look like I’ve worked out, but I didn’t go to the gym” look. They are so cozy and such a fun design.
  • Beyond Yoga Alloy Ombre Leggings love these ombre leggings. Come in tons of colors, but I have the black with gold detail pair. I am a size medium. These are great for workouts.
  • Adidas 3-Stripe Workout Leggings
  • Spanx Camo Leggings– I don’t work out in these but love them for an athleisure look. Probably my most worn item I purchased in 2018. They make my legs feel super slender but no surprise, Spanx always does wonders!

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Favorite Workout Shoes:

  • ON Sneakers- I have this pair, and I’m in love! Everyone at my gym wears them, and now I know why… they’re the best! ON has a few different styles but most people like “Clouds” and “Cloud X” the most. I have the “Cloud X” style.
  • APL- I have this pair and this pair. I’ve had them both for around two years and still workout in them a ton. They are excellent quality and super trendy and fabulous!!
  • Adidas Ultraboost- I love these for everyday errands, but the ONs and APL are better for workouts IMO. We do lots of sled sprints and the Ultraboost slide off my feet.
  • Nike Sock Dart Sneakers- I don’t work out in these, but they are one of my favorite shoe purchases. They are comfortable and great of sliding off and on. I usually throw these on when I take Temple on a walk around the neighborhood. I think they are pretty stylish too — I kind of feel like a bad a** when I wear them haha.

Favorite Sports Bras:

Favorite Workout Tops:

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 Casual Lounge Wear Favorites:

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Workout Accessories:

  • Apple Watch I wear this every day, workout or not. During my workouts at Vive, I put it on “high-Intensity Interval Training” and love how it tracks my heart rate and calories. I even wear this when I go out at night. I especially love how my texts and calls will pop up without me having to have my phone out. This is especially nice when Temple is with a babysitter, and I’m working out. If a sitter were to call, then I would see it on my phone. I have the 40mm size.
  • Workout gloves for lifting weights
  • Mama Hat
  • URSA Major No BS Deodorant– the best natural deodorant IMO. My husband and I both use it. I’ve had a ton of you message me on Instagram, and you love it too!!!
  • Hydroflask 40oz Water bottle– I should be on a commercial for this water bottle. The straw helps me drink water so much faster, and I love the 40oz since it holds a ton. Before every workout, I add a scoop of my BCAAS and sip on it while working out.
  • Pursoma After the Class– this post-workout soak is legit. It helps soothe muscles and detoxify the body with pure magnesium and sea salt. I add it to a hot bath at night when I’m super sore.
  • URSA Major Face Wipes– these are great for those of you that go straight to work after you hit the gym. Nontoxic face wipes that I love. Great to travel too!
  • When we go on walks, I use this hands-free dog leash for my two crazy dogs, Pickle and Olive.
  • I use this jogging stroller when we I go on walks or runs with Temple and the dogs.

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  1. Great post with so many options! Thank you so much for sharing information about shoes for working out and for everyday wear. So helpful and thorough!

  2. I love your blog and how you strive to use all clean ingredients! Do you have any suggestions for a clean pre-workout drink or powder?

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