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Baby Registry (for Baby One and Two!)

As soon as you find out you’re going to be a mom, you’ll find yourself Googling the hours away, searching for registry items. The search for these lists of go-to items can be extremely overwhelming, so I wanted to compile this updated baby registry list with everything you can imagine that I love and use. These items are what have worked best for us so far –  so hopefully it’s helpful for all the soon-to-be mama’s out there, too!

Since I have two little ones and a third one the way, I’ve included this registry to include items for when you have more than one little!

Gear and Play Items


  • Doona Infant Carseat/Stroller My MUST purchase item. The Doona is so amazing and so convenient! 
    • Extra Base we registered for an extra base so that my husband and nanny can quickly put that one in their car.

  • Nuna Rava Convertible Carseat– a convertible car seat isn’t something you’d necessarily register for, but when baby grows out of his/her infant car seat, you’ll need one. For Temple’s first birthday, we bought the Nuna Rava, and we’ve loved it! It’s sleek, easy to install, and she can rear face up to 50 lbs, which are super safe! Most importantly, it has excellent safety ratings.
  • Graco 3-In-One Slim Fit: This is a great convertible car seat for those on a budget, perfect for those with smaller cars (it’s a bit slimmer), and has incredible safety ratings, too! We bought this for our part-time nanny. When we travel, we will either rent one or take one and check it. That way, I’m not risking my fancier Nuna Rava getting banged up on the flight.
  • Britex Grow With You Harness to Booster Car Seat- we bought this when our oldest, Temple, turned 3.5 years old. This is ideal because it will grow with your kid into a booster car seat. Our car seat safety instructor, Maria Gonzales, with My Carseat Install recommended this one and we love it. So easy to install!
  • Carseat Misc. Accessories:

Everyday Stroller:

  • Zoe Strollers:
    • okay, so I had the Uppa Vista for my first, Temple, and loved it for one kid, but I do NOT love it for when you have a second kiddo. The second “rumble” seat you have to purchase is not very big so Temple hated being in it + it’s hard to easily fold to put in and out of car. Looking back, I would have not gotten the Uppa Vista and would have gone with Zoe Strollers. They make single and double strollers, which are much easier to pop in and out of your car for everyday use and so easy to check for travel. I follow a girl who takes hers to Disney Land each year and is equally obsessed. They are so lightweight!
    • I have the Zoe Trio+ since I have three kids.  The Trio+ can be used as a triple stroller, then reduced to a double when kiddo one outgrows the need. And can expand from a triple to a quad with an add-on seat if you have four close in age. The Trio is ideal for those of us rocking a 3 under 5 situation haha!
    • I recommend checking out Zoe Strollers different stroller options to see what is the best fit for your family!

Umbrella Stroller:

    • An Umbrella stroller is not a completely necessary purchase, but you can easily buy a cheap one for quick errands when you don’t want to pack your larger stroller in the car. An umbrella stroller is also great for travel. I honestly think any of the Zoe strollers work as an umbrella since they are so lightweight and compact. aka just get a Zoe stroller to use for everything haha.

Jogging Stroller:

A jogging stroller is something that may or may not be necessary for you. We leave our jogging stroller at home and use it for walks and runs around the neighborhood. I usually use my Zoe Stroller for easy walks and on the go to put in the car for errands or travel, but the tires aren’t ideal for those of you that are runners. If you plan on doing lots of intense walks/runs at home, or if you go on more rugged terrain, then a jogging stroller would be a smart addition to your registry or a good purchase to make once the baby gets a little older (around 6months)

Pack-N-Play/Travel Crib:

Highchair Options:

  • Stokke Tripp Trapp in Natural- We absolutely LOVE this high chair. I don’t feel the tray is a necessary additional purchase if you have a table that the chair can slide up to but that’s up to you. I also prefer not using the cushion since it gets dirty so quickly. 
  • Inglesina Table Chair I LOVE this and recommend it to everyone. We took it everywhere when eating out the first two years. It’s also great to bring when staying with family or going over to friends for dinner. It keeps babies supported when they are still a bit small. I found high chairs at restaurants weren’t the right size. You could wait to purchase this when baby begins eating but might as well see if someone will buy it off your registry hehe!
  • I am so glad I purchased the Gathre Mini Mat. Food wipes right off, and they are beautiful! Some sort of mat under your high chair is must IMO. I also use this mat for picnics or when outside and you want your baby to lay on it.

Jumpers/Seats/Rockers/Play Mats/Activity Gyms:

I believe less is more in this category. I am not a fan of swings and too many gadgets. I love following On Track Baby for development tips and why baby “containers” aren’t the best. 



Changing Table/Pad/Cover:

Changing Pad for On-The-Go:


Wipe Dispenser:

  • Oxo Tot Wipe Dispenser: this was something I bought when Temple was over a year and wished I had from the beginning. It makes it easier to grab wipes out and keeps them fresh. I don’t think wipe warmers are necessary and cause your little ones to become accustomed to the warmth, so then they get very upset when changing on the go.


  • Honest Diapers I love their diaper subscription
  • Parasolhaven’t tried these but here great things. Really awesome nontoxic option

Diaper Pail:

Diaper Bag:

  • Fawn Design– I’ve used this for over two years with my firstborn and have zero complaints!
  • Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack in ‘Dune’ color- I wanted to change it up for my second child and absolutely love it. It’s more comfortable than the Fawn Design bag and holds more. My husband prefers this one as well.
  • Tumi Backpack- my parents bought me this backpack for Christmas after I had my second and I am in love. It’s gorgeous and works great for all my mama things.

Body Lotions/Diaper Cream:

  • Jojoba Oil- I typically use this on my body and my kid’s bodies (or coconut oil- linked below) as their nightly lotion!
  • Coconut Oil I use this on her diaper rash typically. You can use it all over body! 
  • Aleavia Restore Soothing Mist– I spray this on their bums when they have diaper rash to any cuts/sores.
  • Kosmotology Lotion Bar– I especially love this for travel for the whole family to use and perfect for babies that can’t sit still while you try to apply lotion.
  • Honest Diaper Rash Cream– for the really bad diaper rash. I use the applicator below when applying.
  • Baby Bum Diaper Balm Applicator– so worth the purchase because the severe diaper rash cream tends to be sticky. You are doing a ton of diaper changes, so this applicator is necessary for the severe diaper rash!

Rolling Storage Holder:

  • Rolling Storage Cart– This is a must to store your diapers, creams, humidifier, etc! I know they sell some at Container Store in multiple colors and sizes!


check out My Guide to Breastfeeding for more tips, recipes, and products that may help you!

Breast Pump:

  • Spectra 2– I used this for my firstborn, Temple, and it worked well!
  • Medela Symphony– If you are serious about a super legit breast pump, then I’ve heard this one is the best of the best- it’s hospital grade.
  • Meleda Manual Hand Pump– I use this on car rides or when I needed a quick release while out and about.
  • Haaka Manual Breast Pump Milk Saver- You put it on the breast you aren’t nursing from, and it catches all the extra milk that leaks. It’s crazy how much milk you end up getting this way.
  • Pumping Hands Free Bra



  • Comotomo Baby Bottles– make sure to start with the ‘slow-flow,’ so you don’t cause nipple confusion. These worked great for us.

Bottle Warmer:

Drying Rack:

Burp cloths:


Milk Storage:

Nursing Pads:

Nursing Pillow:

Nursing Cover:

Organic Breastfeeding Supplements:

  • I highly recommend Legendary Milk. They use only 100% organic ingredients, and I have seen a significant improvement in my supply since taking them. They have several blends to choose from, so make sure to do your research to find what’s best for you. I take Liquid Gold and Pump Princess when BFing. BONUS- I have a discount code for 15% off!! Use code MADA15 at checkout for 15% off any items. 

Nursing Bras/Tanks:

Misc: Nursing items:

  • Nursing App to track feedings- It’s called Baby Tracker in the app store.  Perfect for tracking diapers, nursing, and sleep schedule.
  • Calendula oIl- the best for chapped and sore nipples. 
  • Booby Tubes– warm or freeze for breast relief.
  • I love this hydro flask water bottle it helps me drink way more water with the straw, and trust me, you will be sooo thirsty when BFing.



  • Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather
  • Keter Bath Seat– you wouldn’t want to use this until baby can sit up on their own. Note: when you order from their site, expect it to take a while to ship- for some reason, it takes a long time, but we love ours. I’ve also heard great things about this bath seat. 
  • When baby can walk, then you may be ready for just using a bath mat. We have this one and love it.

Body Wash/Shampoo/Bubble Bath:

Bath Accessories/Toys:


  • Custom Name Stoolthis is something I love to sit on while bathing kids. They make a great gift since they are custom with their names!

Bath Towels and Washcloths:


Check out Temple’s Nursery Post to see all of our decor details such as a dresser, rug, etc.!


  • Baby Bjorn CradleI think all the fancy bassinets are overrated and unnecessary. Find a simple bassinet you like for your bedroom and you are good!



Crib Sheets:


Sleep Coach:

  • I used Jessica from Sleep Happy and have had a wonderful experience! Reference my name, and you will receive a discount on her services. This would be a wonderful thing to ask for on your registry- she offers gift cards for mamas.

Carseat Installer: (for those in DFW)

  • My Car Seat Install- would be a great gift. Maria is a joy to work with and can help you shop and decide the best car seats for your lifestyle, car, etc. She can come to your home and help you properly learn to install them safely. Use code Madaleigh for 10% off. If you have any issues with code then just mention my name to her!


Clothing/Toys: Below is the websites and brands I often buy for apparel. I try to buy organic when possible. I recommend registering for onesies that zip up because the button ones can be a bit annoying those first few months when you are continually changing their outfits due to spit-ups, etc. For toys, I have been trying to minimize and mainly buy nontoxic and wood toys. My daughter goes to a Montessori Academy, so I’ve learned that having too many toys can overwhelming, and sometimes less is more! Also, it looks much nicer in the playroom when it’s more simplistic and not full of a ton of plastic toys.

Swaddle/Sleep Sack:

  • Ollie Swaddle– this was a gamechanger with our second child.  We used it for about her first 3-4 months and loved it so much!
  • Kyte Baby Bamboo Sleep Sack- we like the “0.5 tog” because it’s super lightweight but they have few thickness options! We love all things from this brand and love their soft bamboo material.  A sleep sack is something your little probably won’t need until they are ready for their arms free. We used this when our kiddos were around 4-months up until about 18-months.





  • We hardwire our monitors to lesson EMF exposure and turn WIFI off at night. I followed Tech Wellness blog post on what to purchase and how to do this. 

Air Purifier:

  • Molekule Air Mini these are ideal for smaller bedrooms aka kids rooms
  • Air Doctor– another great air purifier brand
  • Austin Air– all my holistic Instagram friends rave about this brand too


Night Light:

Sound Machines:


Cleaning supplies:

  • Check out this post for all the cleaning supplies we use in our home. All of them are non-toxic and safe for baby!

Sunscreen/Bug Spray:

I never use sunscreen or bug spray before 6 months and even then I prefer to not use it as much as possible for their first year.


  • Here are a few diffusers I love. We keep one in pretty much every room of our home! I recommend that whichever you pick for the kids’ room has a run time option so that you can choose how long you’d like it to diffuse at a time.
  • YL Feather the Owl Diffuser- great for kids rooms. Please use my member 10075924 at checkout.
  • ZAQ Paradise Glass Diffuser– I use this in our living room cause it can run for a very long time, so it’s ideal for large rooms.

Books I Love for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Etc:


Feeding Items (at 6+M)

These are items that aren’t necessarily a must for your registry, but they are my absolute favorite must-haves when you are starting feeding your child real food at 6+months. I just thought I’d include them for anyone interested in my starter feeding favorites!

  • Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair I included the other options above but linked the one we have.
  • Inglesina Table Chair I LOVE this thing and recommend it to everyone. We took it everywhere when eating out the first year. It’s also great to bring when staying with family. It keeps baby supported when they are still a bit small. I found high chairs at restaurants weren’t the right size until after a year of age.
  • Gathre High Chair Mat
  • Austin Baby Co Foldable Placemat– I leave this in my diaper bag at all times for when we eat out.
  • Avanchy Bamboo Bowl with Silicone Suction
  • EZPZ Mini Bowl
  • Gootensils I love that these have a grip, so the foods stay on them super well.
  • Tiny Spoon
  • Tiny Cup This is pretty much a small little shot glass! I believe in starting with an open cup from the very start. WHY? Promotes proper oral motor skills, and it is easier to transition off the bottle down the road! We never did any sippy cups. Practice with 1-2oz. Of water/day, and look for cups with soft rim and small size!
  • Kiddobloom Utensils
    • I also love their plates and bowls. Their products are great for kids as they grow!



Would love if you commented some of your favorites! XOXO!

4 thoughts on “Baby Registry (for Baby One and Two!)”

  1. Random question- but did they have to assemble your pottery barn Paxton chair when it arrived? I just ordered it but completely put together it won’t fit through our daughters door. The sales team at the store said they thought it didn’t come completely assembled but wanted some first hand experience if that’s actually the case. Thanks much for putting this awesome list together!!

    1. It was already assembled when they delivered to me and they set it up all nicely in the nursery. That’s odd that yours was not assembled- I feel like it should be! XO, Mada

  2. Just wanted to say thank you! The amount of detail and info you put in this post was super helpful. What a great resource for new mamas!

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