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Baby Lavey #2: Second Trimester Update

I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! I know this it’s likely due to the fact that I’m never not chasing my toddler around, but regardless, I know I’m blessed to feel so great. For you mamas having a rougher time – I really feel for you! Just try to remember that once you meet your perfect babies, the pregnancy will be a distant memory and all the weight gain, nausea, backaches, hormone spikes, and other crazy symptoms will be worth it!

I asked you all via Instagram to send in some questions you wanted me to cover in my second-trimester update! I tried to cover everything here, but if you haven’t already, make sure to check out my First Trimester Update for tons of other topics. I share all my favorite books, nausea remedies, and lots more.

Alright, let’s get to the most FAQ…

Q: Do you plan to have another natural birth?

A: Heck yes! I loved my natural birth with Temple. I am using the same birth center, Origins, but will be using their new Dallas location which opened after I had her. It’s the same practice, it’s just staffed by different midwives. Now I only have to drive 10 minutes vs. an hour, which is awesome! I will share a new “What’s In My Birth Bag?” and “Third Trimester Baby Prep” blog posts in the coming weeks.

Q: What prenatal do you recommend?

A: Thorne Basic Prenatal. I’ve been taking this prenatal since before we conceived the first time. I take 1 at breakfast and 2 at lunch. I have the MHTFR gene mutation, so it’s especially important for me to have methylated folate over not folic acid. That said, regardless of your gene make-up, I ALWAYS recommend looking for prenatal with folate, not folic acid (the synthetic form of the nutrient).

What are you buying for Baby #2?

My “Registry for Baby One and Two” blog post includes all the items I am purchasing for our second in more detail! But, here is the list of things I am purchasing/ and or registered for:

Q: What are some items you can’t live without during pregnancy?

A: All my favorite Items linked below:

  • Lulu Lemon Align High Rise 28″ Leggings– Seriously my favorite pregnancy purchase this time around. You can order TTS cause they have tons of stretch. Some of you worry that they will pill when washing and don’t want to risk working out in them. I personally think it’s worth the risk of a little pilling – I’m up to three pairs now and wear them daily, so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth! I just wash on cold and hang dry them on this rack. I wear them to workout, as loungewear, and out-and-about. I’ve had zero issues with them stretching out or pilling so far.
  • Blanqi Maternity Leggings– These run TTS – I wear a medium. If you are shorter, I would recommend sizing down. I also like this pair for postpartum.
  • Blanqi Maternity Camisole
  • Jojoba Oil I use this all over my body and belly every morning and night.
  • Pregnancy Belly Oil- After I use Jojoba oil all over, I apply this directly on my belly, breasts and thighs to help prevent stretch marks.
  • Savvy Rest Body Pillow
  • Natori Maternity Bra
  • Spanx Bra-llelujah
  • Nursing Tanks– These are obviously a must for once baby is here, but I also love wearing them to bed while I’m pregnant. They are beyond comfortable! They’d be great to have on-hand during labor, too.
  • Pink Blush Maternity has some great pregnancy attire that actually fits well and isn’t hideous, haha. I have this dress and LOVE it!
  • Robe– This is the comfiest and best robe that I practically live in while pregnant/postpartum.
  • Michael Stars Midi Dress
  • Nordstrom PJ Set 
  • Nursing Sleep Bra– The absolute comfiest bra that I wear a ton. Great for both pregnancy and nursing.
  • Flannels and Cardigans- I love throwing on my Blanqi or lululemon leggings with a fitted tank and either a flannel or cardigan. My go-to everyday casual outfit.
  • Zella full zip hoodie
  • On Cloud Running Shoes– The best workout shoes you will ever own.
  • Satin PJ set- I just got these to have for postpartum nursing and I’m obsessed. SO comfortable!

Q: What is your pregnancy skincare routine?

A: Here is the blog post that outlines my full routine. Nothing has changed other than adding Beauty Counter Overnight Resurfacing Peel 2-3 days a week to help with pigmentation. I’ve seen Wendi for organic facials twice so far and am scheduled to see her one more time before my due date. I cannot recommend her enough-best facial I’ve ever received in DFW!

Q: What providers are you seeing before the baby arrives?

A: The following:

  • Origins Midwives– Origins Birthing Center is where I will deliver, and where I go for my prenatal visits. Now that I am in the third trimester I will see their midwives every two weeks instead of once a month.
  • Doula– You typically don’t meet with your doula very often before the actual birth. They are mostly reserved for the big day. I had an initial visit to meet Cheryl, and my husband and I will have one more to go over my birth plan, etc. My chiropractor, Nicole, used Cheryl as her midwife and recommended her. I loved her after our initial visit – I just know she’ll be the best support system when the big day comes! She offers different packages, but we went with the “Birth + One” package that’s listed on her site.
  • Chiropractor– I (and my daughter) see my chiropractor, Nicole at Grounded In Wellness, weekly during pregnancy. I know this played a huge role in how great I felt during my first pregnancy, and why Temple and I ultimately had such a wonderful birth!

“After twenty weeks and on, I recommend my pregnant mamas come in weekly to be checked and adjusted. Frequent care, especially while pregnant, is very helpful to encourage proper motion and nervous system function during a time in which a pregnant woman’s body is going through many changes”- Dr. Nicole Jackson

  • Prenatal Massage– I see Melissa at Lilies Healing Hands. Since around 18 weeks I’ve been going monthly, and honestly, I wish I would have started at 12 weeks. Now that I am 31 weeks, I will up my visits to every two weeks. If I don’t deliver early, at 40 weeks I will likely get an induction massage with her. Thank you to my friend and fellow mama, Courtney Kahla, for this recommendation.
  • Womb Massage– I have only seen Mayte once during my pregnancy at around 24 weeks. I was getting regular side stitches/cramps at random, and my round ligaments were super tight. I cannot recommend Mayte enough! WOW, I felt like a whole new woman when I left. She released all the tightness and my tummy was visibly larger after our appointment. I am scheduled to go back at 32 weeks, and then I likely won’t see her again until after Baby unless she thinks I could use another, or if Baby isn’t in an optimal position. I highly recommend her for anyone postpartum, TTC, or post-c-section. She can seriously work wonders on any and all women!! Check out her site to learn more about what she offers. Thanks again to Courtney Kahla for this referral, you rock!
  • Lymphatic massage– Whether you’re pregnant or not, I recommend seeing Leslie. She is such a gem –  a wealth of knowledge and just radiates love! I first went to her at the recommendation of my Naturopath when my daughter had an ear infection – she helped drain everything. This December our whole house caught a bug and I was so congested with a terrible cough. I saw Leslie twice over the span of 3 weeks and felt good as new!  Now that I am in my third trimester, I see her every two weeks to keep swelling down and my lymphatic system operating smoothly. Her visits help you get your mind right for birth and whatever that experience might bring. And, you leave feeling more in tune with your baby. I plan to see her within a week of delivering to help get things moving and healing. Leslie is also an amazing resource if you’re having issues breastfeeding (ex: Mastitis). Note: Leslie practices out of her home in Plano – just something to be aware of as her set up is a bit different than most!
  • Vive Training- I am still following my regular 3x per week workout regimen at Vive. I’ve been going to Jon for over 4 years and he is certified in Prenatal Training, so he always knows when I need to modify or avoid exercises. Working out is what makes me feel my best, and I think it plays a huge role in how good I’ve felt during this pregnancy. Plus, having strength and endurance is very important during your actual birth!
  • Naturopath– I still see my naturopath, Dr. Naumes, for my monthly visit. I have been seeing her for over 3 years. Dr. Kate keeps my supplements on track and makes sure I am doing everything I can to prepare for Baby. She does routine blood work every few months to see how things are looking. For example, I have really low iron when pregnant so she switched some supplements around to help!
  • I will share a “Third Trimester Prep for Baby” blog post soon which will include other things I’m doing to prep for Baby’s arrival, like stretches, meal prep, etc.

Q: What Oils/lotions for belly and stretch marks?

  • Jojoba Oil I use this all over my body and belly each morning and night.
  • Pregnancy Belly Oil- After I use Jojoba oil all over, I apply this directly to my belly, breasts, and thighs to help prevent stretch marks.

How much weight have you gained?

Rule #1 – Do not compare your weight gain to mine or anyone else’s. Only you (and maybe your doctor) know what’s normal for YOUR body. Listen and take care of it – that should be your top priority!

Super similar to my experience with Temple, I’ve gained about 20 lbs so far and I am 31 weeks.  I am 5’10 and started at 155 lbs, which is a normal weight for me. I know what healthy weight gain during pregnancy looks like for my body.

One thing I always remind myself when pregnant is that if there is a time to care about what you are consuming and nourishing your body with, IT IS NOW! I mean, you are growing a little human and they need all the nutrients and quality food. I know that some women say SCREW IT when pregnant and eat whatever they want, but that’s not my outlook on pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of Chick-Fil-A, pasta dishes, and other yummy things. If my body is truly craving that then I will have it and I will not regret or punish myself after. Overall, I cook at home almost every night and focus on fueling my body with organic, real food. Just something to think about if your relationship with food feels off during your pregnancy!

Meal planning on Sundays is a great place to kick-start your healthy pregnancy. I always sit down and think through my week and write down each dinner I plan to make then create the grocery list accordingly. Maybe Fridays are the nights you eat out and let yourself have some of those foods that aren’t the healthiest. I am all about BALANCE! When Caleb and I go out on a date, I order what sounds delicious and my body is craving. That might be roasted chicken or that might be pizza. Don’t punish yourself, but also avoid that vicious cycle of weekend binges and drastic weekday detox-modes.  Eat what makes you feel your best both mentally and physically.

And remember, our bodies are going to grow while pregnant and you may not feel like yourself. Being pregnant brings lots of newness, fears of unknowns, physical changes, emotions, and lots of hormonal changes. You are growing a HUMAN and that is a beautiful thing! Embrace that belly ladies!! We are blessed to be pregnant and bringing life into this world. Honor your body and try to fill your mind with positive thoughts. I believe babies can pick up on our emotions in the womb. Talk to your little one and let them know they have a strong, confident mama. You are beautiful, no matter your shape or size!

Do you eat differently during pregnancy?

  • This goes back to the previous question. Not really! The first trimester was definitely a bit more survival and aversion (you can read my first tri update here) but since hitting 12-13 weeks I’ve felt great! I feel lucky because both of my pregnancies have been super similar, so I haven’t encountered any huge bumps in the road. I will say, it’s not for a lack of trying. I see pregnancy as a time to look inward and focus on my health, both mental and physical. Take advantage of pregnancy! Have hubby cater to you a little at mealtime, get yourself some massages, go to that workout with a girlfriend and grab brunch after, enjoy some long walks alone where you can talk with Baby!
  • My diet is still very clean when eating and cooking at home and then when I eat out (which isn’t often), I don’t stress. If I want pasta, I eat pasta! If I’m craving greens, then I eat greens! 🙂
  • I will note that my husband and I are doing January Whole30. Some might think this is crazy, but I eat this way most days at home, so it’s not a huge change. Plus, I’ve completed multiple Whole30s, so I’m kind of a pro at this point, haha! If anything I feel that I’m doing my body a huge favor, nourishing it better now than ever. I’ve been cooking some new amazing recipes and actually sitting down to eat a healthy breakfast – something I’ve struggled with in the past. This being said, I don’t suggest doing your very first Whole30 while pregnant. This is a practice you need to be familiar with first – it’s a lot of cooking and you need to be in the right mindset to succeed!

When did I start feeling kicks?

  • Hard to remember exactly, but I think I started feeling them at about 16-18 weeks. This girl kicks all the time now – she is super active!

How has sleep been?

  • Overall, great! But, I know that may change now that I’m in the third trimester. I do have to get up to pee 2-3 times a night, but I usually fall right back to sleep.
  • I definitely need more sleep now. I usually go to bed by 9:00-9:30 pm and wake up around 5:30-6:00 am to have a little morning “me time” before my daughter wakes up.

Does Temple know a sibling is coming?

  • I think she understands about as much as a 2-year-old could! She points to my belly and says Sister’s name all the time. She also now calls her old room by the baby’s name, so I know she somewhat gets it.
  • I plan to get a little gift for her from sister when she is born. Hoping this helps gets her a little more excited for another baby joining the family.

Any additions to your diet for pregnancy?

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Third Trimester Tea– I have one cup a day now since hitting 28 weeks
  • More water- You should consume approximately half your body weight in ounces of water daily
  • More calories – Your daily calorie goal is your body weight + a zero + 200-400 calories depending on your body size. Ex: 180lbs = 1800+400 = 2,200 calories/day. If your daily calorie intake is on-track, you’re likely hitting your carbohydrate minimum of 125g per day, too. (This is according to my Midwives at Origins)
  • More to come in my “Third Trimester Baby Prep” blog post

Are you keeping the name secret?

Yes. Not from family and friends, but I am waiting to share the name with all of you amazing ladies on social media. This is mostly because – quite frankly – I don’t want people messaging me their negative opinions or making me second guess our choice! Plus, it’s fun to save a surprise for the birth.

Anything you’ll do differently this time around?

  • I want to use my Snoo bassinet more consistently than I did with Temple. I used the Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play a ton in the beginning when Temple was little. She slept so well in that thing, but it was actually recalled so we won’t be using that at all this time.
  • I want to be better prepared for the “Fourth Trimester” aka postpartum. Mainly in that, I want to have a ton of meals and snacks frozen and ready for when the baby is here. You are RAVENOUS when breastfeeding in the beginning and need all the extra calories. I wasn’t well-prepared on the food front when Temple arrived.
  • Buy fewer plastic toys (and toys in general)!. I have been trying to minimize our use of plastic and am mainly buying nontoxic and wood toys. My daughter goes to a Montessori Academy, so I’ve learned that having too many toys can overwhelming, and sometimes less is more overall! Also, a more minimalist take on things makes the playroom look so much nicer. My Registry blog post includes all my favorite brands!

I plan to share all the things I am continuing to do + new things I am incorporating for the 3rd Trimester very soon. There are lots of things I will be adding to my routine to prepare my body/mind for my natural birth in March! I can’t wait to meet our baby girl!


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