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April Favorites 2020

Each month I’m going to begin sharing a few of my favorite things from the month! It could be clothing I love for the family, kid’s products, recipes, shows, workouts, etc.! Just a fun way to share a few of my favorite things! Let me know in the comments if you like this and tell me what you loved this month!

  1. Topshop Cropped Tank: Who doesn’t love an $8 tank?! I have this top in black and green.
  2. On Sneakers: 100% the best shoes for workouts, IMO. I wear these on my runs and to my gym.
  3. Maternity Bralette: I am living in this maternity bralette right now. Bobbie is 7-weeks-old, and I am exclusively breastfeeding. This bralette is so comfortable and fits TTS. I have it in tan and black. There are slips where you could add padding if you’d like.
  4. Baby Bjorn Carrier: I use this when we go on our family walks daily to hold Bobbie. It’s been my most used carrier!
  5. Aerie Sweatshirt: I have been living in this the past few months. Beyond comfortable and on SALE!
  6. F-Balm Overnight Mask: Holy HYDRATION! I’ve been using this mask for a month now. I put it on as the last step of my nighttime skincare routine 2-3x a week and wake up with my face feeling as smooth as a babies bottom!
  7. Crop Tie Dye Hoodie: Y’all loved it when I shared this on stories. It was my top purchased product of April.
  8. Amazon Slippers: these slippers are only $22 but excellent quality. Perfect for quarantine!
  9. Kids Romper: I purchased this for Temple, and she looks adorable in this romper! Who doesn’t love a kid in a romper?!
  10. Arteza Finger Paint Kit: This has been my favorite quarantine purchase for Temple. I break down any boxes we get delivered and let her paint on those.
  11. Aerie Cropped Tank: Obsessed with this tank. I have it in multiple colors. Super cute with a sports bra underneath for working out.

I’m also loving…

  • Ambitious Kitchen Healthy Banana bread: don’t forget to add chocolate chips. This recipe is so easy and so dang yummy.
  • My Run With Hal app: Caleb and I want to run a full marathon this year. This app is ideal for those looking for a trainer type aspect that tells you weekly workout plans. I used this when I trained for my half marathon two years ago and found it helpful and motivating. Super user friendly.
  • Love Island UK: I cannot get enough of this dating show. I started with Season 6 on Hulu and it was so good. Learning their slang is so fun too. Here are a few I’m now trying to use in my regular vocabulary hahaha…
    • Cracking it, cuddle, buzzing, lovely, lads, and wind you up!
  • Dog Waist Leash– We’ve been going on lots of walks and runs. This dog leash is a must.
  • Temple and Bobbie Necklace
  • Zara Kids: Zara has been my ultimate go-to for Temple’s clothing lately. I love that it’s not super expensive and that they have cute neutral-colored clothing.
  • Kids Crocs: My MIL got Temple these crocs, and it’s pretty much the only shoes she wears. Love how easily we can put them on and off.
  • Days with Grey: I have been loving following this mama on Instagram during the quarantine. She has the best ideas and activities for kids.
  • Sunbasket Meal Delivery: We started this organic meal delivery for two dinners a week, and we love it. I was hesitant, but each meal has impressed us so far. I love that they are recipes I probably wouldn’t cook on my own, and we’re eating some ingredients we don’t typically eat. My link gives you $40 off!
  • Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanner: I have been using this during quarantine cause I was in serious need of a tan. This tanner is organic and pregnancy safe. I am shade 2! Use code ‘madaleigh15’ for 15% off your order.
  • Ollie Swaddle: This swaddle has been fantastic for Bobbie. My daughter is 7-weeks-old, and we only use this swaddle when she sleeps. Check out this post for more on her newborn schedule and tips for sleep!
  • Big Brother: During quarantine, we started going back and watching old seasons of Big Brother. We love this show, but we didn’t start viewing until Season 20, so we decided to watch some of the most popular seasons. BB is the perfect quarantine show because there are so many episodes per season, haha. We’re currently watching season 10 per some of your recommendations!
  • Legendary Milk Supplements: I am exclusively BFing, and these supplements are wonderful to boost your supply! I take the Liquid Gold and Pump Princess daily! I recently got a clogged milk duct (not fun!), and the Sunflower Lecithin has been an enormous help! Use code MADA15 for 15% off!

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