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15 Amazon Finds

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This Vitamin C is a must when you feel a sniffle coming along. I take it twice a day when I begin to feel even a little under the weather.

Thinkbaby Nontoxic Sunscreen– sunscreen is so important. This is one of my favorite brands. They also make great sunscreen for adults. I like it because it stays on well when sweating or going in/out of the water. Note: I don’t recommend sunscreen until baby is at least six months old.

Kypris– the SPF lotion that my husband and I use on our faces every day. I use mine under my makeup. I’ve tried plenty of nontoxic sunscreens, and this one is by far my favorite. This is more of an everyday SPF that works so nicely under makeup.


My favorite organic coconut oil. When shopping for coconut oil, I always look for organic, cold pressed and unrefined. My husband and I use this as our body lotion every night, and I also use it when I do my coconut oil hair mask. Directions on my coco mask here.



Prep and Serve Tray- my husband, Caleb, loves this when grilling. You stack them and put the raw meat or veggies on one tray and then use the other tray for when it’s done on the grill. I felt like I was always bringing him out extra plates, so this makes things easier!

Cocokind Baby Organic Soothing Salve– what I use all over Temple’s body after bath time. Only five organic ingredients that keep your babies skin silky smooth! You could also you this on yourself!

Chomp sticks– aka The best whole30 approved beef sticks. I love these for a snack, especially when traveling.


Tarte Shape Tape– the best under eye concealer. I’m seriously obsessed with this stuff! I use the color “light sand,” and it gives the best highlight. I just blend it with a damp beauty blender. 

Changing Pad Liners– all mama’s need these changing table liners. I put it under the changing pad cover, and it protects your changing mat when baby accidentally tinkles! You seriously need this! These are 100% bamboo, waterproof and come in a pack of 3.


David’s– the natural toothpaste that we use. I’ve tried quite a few natural kinds of toothpaste and this one makes my teeth feel super clean!

Aleavia– the only brand of body wash I will use. It only has seven all natural, organic ingredients and doesn’t strip your skin from all the healthy oils. I also love the lavender body cleanse.

Ursa Major the only natural deodorant that I have found that works! My husband even uses it! Note- it can take your armpits a while to get used to natural deodorant. I recommend always trying one for a full month and then decide if it’s working for you. I highly recommend this one if you have sensitive pits. It contains no baking soda which is the common ingredient that irritates most people.

Alligator Grip Clips– I’m obsessed with these clips because they don’t crease hair! I use them when I’m curling my hair to separate it into two sections.

Tinkle Razors– these are like doing an at home derma-planning. It removes the peach fuzz and dead skin off your face. I used to get my upper lip waxed (ouch), but now I just use these razors. And no, you will not grow back with thick, dark man hair! haha

Jade Roller– who doesn’t want to tighten and lift skin! I love using it after a night out to help with lymphatic drainage. I usually keep mine in the freezer. It’s best used after your morning face routine when you have your serums on. It will help soak in all those good products to your skin.

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  1. Just ordered the Prep tray for Father’s Day gift! Same thing with my husband and grilling, plus he is always grabbing a nice breakable plate….ha!

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