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Welcome! My name is Madison Leigh Lavey but most everyone I know calls me Mada (mad-duh).  I was born and raised in a small town north of Dallas where I met my husband, Caleb.  We’ve actually known each other since the fourth grade and we are high school sweethearts!  We currently live in Dallas and just welcomed our first child, a baby girl named Temple, and she is our everything!

Health has always been important to me but it wasn’t until after college and my fair share of skin issues, hormonal imbalances and digestive problems that I took the time to discover and research all the benefits of living a more non-toxic and holistic lifestyle.  Since this switch, I have noticed amazing changes not only physically but in my mental health and clarity!  I try to nourish my body with only the best ingredients.

But, don’t expect only health related topics.  I have a huge passion for fitness through my experience as a personal trainer and pilates instructor!  I love fashion and I’m a mom so you bet I’ll be sharing tons on motherhood and Baby Temple!

My goal is that this blog helps you find the best version of yourself.  I believe that through small changes in your health, you and those around you can benefit greatly.  Health is such a fun journey and I am constantly learning and hope that I can help you in any small way!

My “shop” page contains all my favorites in various categories from beauty and skincare to fashion, fitness and household.