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2019 Wellness Gift Guide

Vitruvi Diffuser | Oura Ring | On Sneakers | Alen Air Purifier | Chemex Coffee Maker | Cookbook | Nontoxic Candle | Ultracor Star Leggings | Electric Kettle | Lululemon Align Leggings 

Nontoxic Home Ideas

Check out my “Home Gift Guide” and my “Natural Cleaning Products Post” for some other ideas.

  • Air Purifiers: I want the Alen Air purifier for our room and our daughter’s rooms, but there are also some other brands out there that I approve of after doing my research. Austin Air, Air Doctor.
  • Water Filters: I love love love our Big Berkey Water Filter with the stand to hold it. This would make a wonderful gift or add to your wishlist!


Check out my “Fitness and Athleisure Blog Post” for all my favorite fitness items!

  • Oura Ring- this tracks your sleep and activity. Read all about it here
  • On Sneakers are my favorite workout shoes that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I have this pair, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any style.
  • I love these Adidas for day-to-day running errands.
  • This brand has some stylish sneakers.
  • Lulu Lemon Super High-Rise Align pants– the comfiest leggings you will ever own. If you are pregnant, then these are a dream for your growing bump.
  • Ultracor- I know these leggings are pricey, but they are freaking amazing. They keep everything looking tight, don’t loosen, and look freaking cool! They are my absolute favorite leggings for workouts (when I’m not pregnant, haha.) I only buy the ultra high-rise style.
  • Apple Watch– who wouldn’t love an apple watch. I wear mine every day. This is a cool band I want for christmas to dress it up!
  • Apple Air Pods-I just got a pair and they are amazing for runs or workouts at the gym. So nice not having your cord getting in the way!

Other Nontoxic Candles I Love

Kitchen Items

Check out last year’s “Home and Kitchen Appliance Gift Guide” for tons of my favorite gift ideas!





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