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2019 Home Decor Gift Guide


Urban Spikes Succulents: If you live in DFW, then a succulent tray from Urban Spikes is such an excellent gift for the home. I still have the one Caleb gifted me months ago!

Pillow from Purveyor Home: My home designer owns Purveyor Home, and we have a few of her pillows in our living room. We always get so many compliments, and the quality is impressive. Check out their whole site for other beautiful home accessories.

Bar Cart: We’ve had this exact bar cart for over five years, and we’re still obsessed. I cannot recommend it enough, and I think this would be a cool gift for the guy in your life with a nice bottle of his favorite liquor places on it when you gift it to him.

Slim Aarons Print: I’ve had this exact print for years, and we get so many compliments. We love all of Slim Aarons photography. We even have his coffee table book, which would be a really cool gift, too. All of his prints are on MAJOR SALE right now via the site I linked, so snag one while they’re discounted.

Salt and Pepper Holders: This is such a fun gift for any of the cooks in your life. I am gifting this along with a few other kitchen items for another mother-in-law this year. I love the idea of gifting this with a fun cookbook!

Wood Pedestals: Okay, these are freaking fabulous and on major SALE right now! I have the medium and large one. You can see in the images how gorgeous they look together. I love making the ultimate charcuterie meat and cheese tray for parties with these in the middle of my island. This would be an excellent gift for the mamas or foodies in your life. Below is an image of what they looked like set up for Temple’s 1st Birthday Party!

Beverage Pub: Such a great gift and would be even more fun to fill it with that person’s favorite beverage or a nice bottle of champagne! It comes in other colors, but we have the silver and love it! Below is an image of ours from Temple’s Birthday Party!

Red Wine Glasses: We’ve had these since our wedding, and we get so many compliments. They are the best shape! Gifting these with a bottle of red wine would be a fantastic gift!

Acrylic Wine Rack: We have a stack of three of these on our Bar Cart, and it looks so fabulous!

So Well Made Salt Lamp: The only brand salt lamp I will buy. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps, like So Well, have lots of benefits such as helping clear allergens and improve air quality. We use the large salt lamp as Temple’s nightlight.

Other Home Decor Ideas:

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