Rex’s Natural Birth Story


I can’t believe I am sharing Rex’s birth story! My little boy is here and he is the sweetest addition to make us a family of five. Holy cow, it’s crazy even saying we are a fam of five now! I love that you all have enjoyed my previous birth stories of Temple and Bobbie. …


Telluride Colorado Travel Guide


We absolutely love telluride. Summer 2020 was our first time to visit and we will 100% be back!  We go to Crested Butte a ton, so I already have a Guide for CB if you want to check that out. Leave a comment if there is anything I am missing in this Telluride Travel Guide. …


Bobbie’s 4-Month Schedule Update


Make sure to check out my post on Newborn Sleep Tips and Bobbie’s Schedule. There are so many tips on setting up good sleep habits. If you are struggling with sleep, then reach out to my sleep consult, Jessica, with Sleep Happy. Mention my name, and you will receive a discount on her services! I …


Bobbie’s Natural Birth Story


I can’t believe she is here! We are officially a family of four. It still feels surreal! I’m so excited to share Bobbie’s birth story – I was so touched by how much you all loved reading my retelling of Temple’s special birth, and it’s surreal that I’m now sitting here with my second baby …


Favorite Quarantine Activities & Purchases For My Two-Year-Old


These are weird times we’re living in right now. It’s crazy cause a week after I had my second daughter, Bobbie, the stay-at-home rule went in place here in Dallas. Staying at home wasn’t horrible for us since you’re home with a newborn anyway, but not seeing all our family and friends and getting that …


Temple’s Supplements + Two Kid-Approved Smoothie Recipes


Temple turned two in January, so these are the supplements we’ve decided on with the guidance of our naturopath and pediatrician. Please talk with your doctor about what may be best for your children. This is just to act as a guide for some ideas you may want to research further. I am not adding …